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Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club the world's largest Christian Car Club

Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club

...a Christian Car Club?

Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club was founded by Brian and Gus in November of 1999 in Kennesaw, Ga. We exist to provide automotive enthusiasts with a positive environment through which to share their passion. We are trying to get the word out on how the Lord can bless you when you abide within His will. We will strive to promote the love of the Lord in an area where He has rarely before been given the glory. Many car clubs tolerate drinking, illegal racing, profanity, and sexual promiscuity. WE DO NOT. We are trying to give young car enthusiasts a club that does not pressure nor promote such behavior.

Everyone has their own interests and they should have a group of friends with whom they can share those interests. We are all born again Christians, and we want to honor the Lord for the blessings he has given us. Isaiah 61:3 says that we will be "...a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor." Without Him our vehicles would not have been possible, so we created the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club as a display of the blessings of the Lord.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery

Holy Rollerz has been featured in nearly a dozen media spots...everything from newspapers to movies and television.
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Faith-Based & DIY Automotive Articles

Sep.03.2006 posted by dwnrytsvd76


Posted by dwnrytsvd76

What it dew ya'll??? So I have this goldish/tannish 2000 Dodge Stratus ES that I bought used. I wanna start drappin' it up and drippin it down. One problem, where to start??? It seems that I wan... read more »

Oct.23.2005 posted by Gift of God

Will it fit?

Posted by Gift of God

Hey yall,I asked this question in an existing thread but I got no answer. So I figured it was worth starting a new thread. Will a 300zx throttle body fit in my 96 maxima and if so about how mutch shou... read more »

Sep.16.2009 posted by warrior777

What Happen to the Music

Posted by warrior777

Guys I was watching the TV Program last night and the preacher was telling about a guy by the name is Aleister Crowley' and even since last night I have not been able to sleep hardly since I seen that... read more »

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Thank you for visiting the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club website. Please feel free to look around at all the car club related activites. A Christian car club is a rare thing, and we strive to deliver the best in the car club world of Christian news. Someone once said that a Christian Car Club is a Christian Car Club is a Christian Car Club, but we disagree. Holy Rollerz is striving to be the best.