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HRC3 :: NOPI 2007 video
Bibles at NOPI - 2007

NOPI Nationals 2007 was by far the best year yet.  We went into it a bit discouraged because we didn't have as many Bibles to give away as we'd hoped to have, but the weekend turned out better than we'd ever hoped for.

We only had about 350 Bibles, most of which had been donated by the Noonday Baptist Association in Marietta, GA. Many thanks to them.  We also had several hundred Daily Bread booklets and a few hundred Living Water booklets.  We even had some New Testament Bibles in Spanish.

We gave away nearly everything in only two runs on the back of Wes' truck. What really turned out to be the big event though, was giving out the free water and soft drinks.  You'll see a few clips of this at the end of the media clip to the right.

With each bottle of water or soft drink, we would also hand out a booklet.  When we were handing out the literature on the back of Wes' truck, maybe 1 our of every 10 people we passed would accept one.  When we were offering free drinks, about 9 of every 10 people accepted! 

I think we know what we need now for next year.  Please partner with us.  We are a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and we can't do what we do without help from supporters. 

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