Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many of the questions that we receive on a daily basis.
If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Do you have a chapter in my area?

If you don't see a chapter listed in your area on our members page, then we don't have one there yet.  We do let individual members join though. Have you created a profile on our site yet? Once you create a profile, and login, you'll see a link to upgrade your account. That's where you can find out more about becoming a member of the actual car club. To join the club, there is a one-time fee, which pays for your window decal. If you're interested in joining HR, go ahead and create a profile on the site, if you haven't already, and then we can take it from there.

What does HRC3 mean?

HRC3 stands for Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club.  C3 is really supposed to be C³.  C to the third power.


I get an error message when submitting a contact form. Why?

If you're behind a corporate or personal firewall that blocks http_referers you will not be able to submit many of the forms on our site. Our scripts require that your browser passes along that info so that we know that our form scripts are not being abused. If you are behind a corporate firewall and can't change any of it's settings, please email your requests to brian

I submitted a link. Why isn't it displayed?

We have been getting an increasing number of requests to add links on our site to other websites.  We only post links to sites that we feel are directly related to our target audience, and we refuse to link to sites that contain objectionable material.  If you submitted a link, please allow 72 hours for the submission to be reviewed.  If you have waited 72 hours and still don't see your link, then it was not approved.  If this is the case and you would like to discuss our decision, feel free to contact us.

I never received my account activation code.

Sometimes mail servers may take several minutes to deliver mail. If you have already waited a few minutes, and you're sure the email did not get caught in your email spam filter, please contact us.

How do I join Holy Rollerz?

If you are interested in joining HR, view the related info on the following pages:

About HR Memberships
Upgrade Your Online ID Status
Club By-Lawz


Do you have vehicle requirements?

NO, WE DO NOT!  As you can see from our members profiles, we have members with every type of vehicle.  From project vehicles to show quality rides.  Although the vehicles are the common bond that brought us together, they are not our main focus.  Our fellowship with God and with each other is what makes us different and keeps us bonded in friendship.

Why can't I log into my webmail

There are only four reasons why you shouldn't be able to log into your webmail. 

  1. Is your capslock key on? Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
  2. Our servers are down or experiencing problems
  3. Did not log in with your full email address as your username.  For example, if your email address is joesmith@holyrollerz.org, you cannot log in with the username of joesmith.  You must use the username of joesmith@holyrollerz.org.  If you still have problems, contact our webmaster.
  4. ...or you don't have an HRC3mail account.  Get one here.

Can I change my username

People already know you . You sure you wanna change? But yes, although we don't encourage it, we can change your username.  To make such a request, contact us.


I can't log in...

It could be a few different things.  Please contact us and let us know what username and password you are using.

How do I configure my POP3 program to check my HRC3mail?

You can read more about configuring your email account on our email configuration page.

I can receive my HR email with Outlook Express, but I can't send email (HR.org accounts only)

Read this... http://www.holyrollerz.org/config_issues

How did you guys get so cool?

We give all the glory to Jesus.  LOL...we're not conceited, just having fun.  God Bless.