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How to get into H.R.C.3
Holy Rollerz is a Christian Car Club with several chapters all over the country. Joining our club is different from joining HolyRollerz.org. If you would like the full benefits of all this site has to offer, please create a HolyRollerz.org account, but if you are interested in joining the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club, we need to explain how Holy Rollerz works....

We are interested in Quality AND Quantity. Our Member's Rides vary from show quality vehicles to project cars. We rarely turn away prospective members. We are all about spreading the word of God, so the more, the better.

I was recently asked a great question by another chapter president, and he requested that I post the reply here, as it pertains to all chapter presidents.

The question was regarding a vehicle quality standard for our potential members.
   1. Do we have one?
   2. And where do we draw the line?

Two simple answers...
   1. No
   2. The same place Jesus would draw the line on acceptance. LOL.

To be perfectly honest, we used to have a quality standard when Gus and I first started this club. It was set so high that you had to have $500 in stereo mods, $750 in wheels, 2 exterior mods...etc. It was set so high that no one joined. The ministry was dead.

God taught me a valuable lesson through that. He's not interested in the quality of the person when they give their lives to Him. We shouldn't be interested in the quality of someone's vehicle, when they want to join this ministry. I consevatively attribute 50% of the growth of my chapter to our lack of vehicle requirements. We have chapter members who do not have a single aftermarket modification to their vehicle. Some of them are lucky their vehicle still starts up every morning. But they are some of the most faithful and dedicated participants in this ministry. The positive fellowship that they bring to the club far outweighs any trophy I could ever care about them winning.

I've told my team before, our trophies and treasures are in heaven. What you take home from a Saturday show will only gather dust and end up on a shelf. I'm more concerned with providing a positive environment for all car enthusiasts. Or heck, even those who could care less about cars. Jami really doesn't give a flip about cars, but she's turned into a valuable asset to this chatper. I wouldn't trade her for three show-stopping cars with lukewarm christian owners.

We are open to everyone of mainstream Christian denomination.. This ministry is about reaching out to the lost and doing things different. If we discriminate based on vehicle requirements, we're no better than the other clubs out there. We find much more success by being accepting of everyone. If you're interested in joining an already existing chapter, please contact the president of that chapter and discuss it with him.  Or you can also contact Brian, and he will point you in the right direction. 


If you love the Lord and want to give him the glory for the blessings He's given you, then you're exactly what we're looking for.  If you feel you are ready to become a member of the only club of it's type, JOIN NOW »

God Bless,
Brian Wood
President - Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club


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