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Redstar25's 1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC pictures

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  • brian nice shot

  • Last one I promise.

  • Even though it's sitting still, doesn't look like she's moving.

  • From the Rear. Yes, I know I have water in my tail light.

  • Yet another pic of my car.

  • What my car looks like these days. I'm so happy that I got it in before Nopi.

  • Intake Pic (try to ignore the ugly wiring job, I'm going to fix it soon)

  • Engine Pic- You can see the newest addition(the intake) and the upper strut bar

  • Front View- Another recent pic from the front of the car. Not much to show, but I think it looks good.

  • Rear View- Another recent pic of my car. You can see the new carbon fiber taillights and the carbon fiber wing.

  • Side View- This is the most recent picture of my car. As you can see it was lowered a good 2.1" in the rear and 1.9" in the front.