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gamer1601's 1998 Chevrolet Prizm pictures

gamer1601's Profile
  • new haircu

  • i met her in new orleand on a mission tri

  • removed the prizm badgin

  • on my friends boa

  • looking good on the ca

  • calipers finishe

  • my friend ryan painting the caliper

  • here is the finshed project of the bac

  • drums looking goo

  • painting the drums kawasaki gree

  • national gaurd indy ca

  • indy car danica patric

  • at the movies saw this clean gt

  • church car show

  • church car sho

  • chirch car sho

  • church car sho

  • my new old look

  • peel n seal in the trunk

  • my new hood scoop i got for christmas

  • yep that is me. ok i know what ur probably thinking but i just woke up when i took the picture. next time I'll try to remember to clean up a little.

  • my rims and the items that I use to clean them with.

  • 14 inch ICW Racing rims running on fresh BFGoodrich Traction T/A

  • Custom Dual Exhaust pipe

  • closeup shot

  • 2 10inch MTX Jackhammer Subwoofers with dual enclosure box fits great in my trunk

  • Interior Neon 4 9in L.E.D. green strips

  • Interior Neon 4 9in L.E.D. green strips

  • 1998 Chevy Prizm with a couple of mods