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inlinefour7's 1998 Honda Accord pictures

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  • a shot from the rear of the block, even has an OEM honda oil filter..

  • the jdm H22A1 purchased from, Steve hooked it up, this motor is clean.

    LaMabelle Sick

  • shot of the engine with the F23 single cam vtec block...soon to be replaced with an H22 dual cam vtec monster

  • there is a JDM H22A1 underneath that packing...

  • a shot from the rear, showcasing my jdm rear foglight

  • A nice shot in jax with some fog

  • A sunrise picture overlooking the St. Johns river in Jax

  • Newly installed Nopi carbon fiber Hood

  • New set up with 8000k HID's, and a nopi carbon fiber hood

  • Hayame Power..

  • front end with newly installed yellow fogs

  • Another shot, front end..

    LaMabelle you went all JDM, including the licence plate lol