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jri4au's 91 nissan 240sx pictures

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  • How dirty toys get clean, took this to my first NOPI nats as a competitor 2002 new paint leather, carbo fiber and 07 Spring Fling here with buddy and his NSX I put SAFCII in

  • 91 hatch project

  • 91 hatch goin to PCB 3-8-08

  • my living room floor with 5days to go to the show in PCB!

  • Brian I got the decal, thanks, I'm rollin with the Rollerz now!

  • one week b4 show

  • 2 dayz worked last night only mounted Zex solenoids on custom brkt ordered 255x40x17's for back upholstery guy called back seats done and drivers seat starting pass seat no head rest yet, lol

  • 3 days to go I drew a Glory bound celtic cross took it to the vinyl shop and then

  • new plastic

  • nasty, clean me please!

  • any ideas to make mo betta?

  • engine bay dressed

  • rear dressed

  • front dressed

  • its never been so clean!

  • crowd was thin early, way too cold

  • big flame

  • lil flame

  • The septic tank gave way and the astro turf wrapped up around the tire and the exhaust 3 days left, the upholstery guys' Dad had a heart attack prayin for the Dad I can get seats later

  • 3 days to go and I drop the car in the septic tank, day after I put rollerz windshield banner on, hmmmmm??

  • new faux suede I installed 2 hours b4 leaving for the show

  • mo better, 4 weeks ago this car only had 2 raggity seats and nothing else inside- no rear panels, back seats, speakers, or anything between the hatch and the front seats lol

  • gettin there

  • I knew I was in trouble when the judge stated so graciously that he would not count off for my tire being back there!

  • here we go

  • 93 240 Hatch project

  • 93 240 hatch project

  • the 93 hatch project took a 5 month step bkwds. I loaned it out to someone who needed it and they found an armadillo in the road. I am not sure if he made it but the front didn't. The smily face was a

  • biggest flame flintstone style (practicing my new air brush)

  • chrysler fans lots of chargers and 300' m's

  • a littleb warmer

  • rhd

  • 99 S-15 Sylvia

    brian nice. that's gotta be one of my favorite tuner cars

  • imma culate no less

  • mustang row

  • if you are not a Nissan fan you wont understand

  • lots of 350's :( Iended up classed with cars 15 years younger than my car

  • plenty of live fire

  • this paint was so deep it looked like the red was floating in a black sea

  • old school

  • it looked 3d in person

  • i was drawn to paint this year the following pics may not represent the style of this member, just his curiosity

  • Sunday am startin to pick up

  • 25-35mph gusts saturday kept the crowd down warmer and milder Sunday lots better

  • juss me