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nickscionxa's 2005 Scion xA RS2.0 pictures

nickscionxa's Profile
  • HolyRollerz!!!

  • My body kit finally finished

    brian very nice

  • my interior has overhead cold cathode lighting, Dome light LED replacements, Cup holder LEDs, Storage Box (AKA bagel toaster!) LED replacement, and front & back footwell lighting with LEDs and Neons.

    wobbly i miss you Nick!!!

  • cool effect to the vinyl

  • new colors for engine covers

  • Cold Cathode lighting in my engine bay.

  • I like blue.

  • night time at the warehouse.

  • Sportin' the Holy Rollerz.

  • My friend Nathaniel is about to be consumed in holy fire.

    brian that's awesome

  • Me and my baby. all this stops when I get a girlfriend, lol.

  • I painted my interior trim panels. For a learning experience, They came out pretty good.

  • my baby at night,