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sitten4deep's 1994 BUICK Roadmaster pictures

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  • Holyrollerz@MSN in ATL

  • BiggMerc this is a awesome ride

  • Tomas (ridensaved) made these for me so highs would be in your ears

  • wanted to be in your ear with sound

  • cut out back dash to get sound into car ( soon to be back together ) trunk was starting to crack at hinges

    BiggMerc that's nice!!!!i'am getting into doing fiberglassing myself.....god gave me a gift and i need to start using it!!!

  • brian thank god for huge back seats cause aint no luggage fittin here

  • bandpass box that hold 2 kicker cvr 15's with a kicker 1000-1 mono block amp

  • me and Jason at car show west O-Town

  • GODSPEED car show in FLA.

  • GODSPEED car show in FLA.

  • GODSPEED car show in FLA.

    BiggMerc Like the color and her"shoes"..