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1accord's 2002 Mazda Millenia

02 Millenia

Vehicle Make & Model

Platinum Silver 2002 Mazda Millenia   (find similar)

Engine Mods

AEM Cold Air Intake
JET Performance Rechip

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 123 whp @ 5600 rpm  ---------->
Torque: 125 ft/lbs@ 5700 rpm

Weight: 3600 lbs

Quarter Mile


de-badged it...nice and clean



Eibach Pro Kit



Bazo B52 19" wheels


Kuhmo 235/35/19

Audio & Video

Pioneer AVIC D3 Dual-Din DVD/Navigation

Future Mods

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What do you think of when you see the word testimony? To me it is a reminder of what Christ has done in my life. Nothing I have done or will do can earn me salvation. It is because of His Grace only that i am saved. When I was six years old my parents divorced. My mother raised me and my brother on her own. My mother was an example to me. She went without many times for me and my brother to have things. We struggled through out life, but she never gave up on God. I grew up going to church, but left because I was offended. People in my own church dogged my mom and talked about her like she was nothing.

I saw that and said to myself, if that is the " Love of God", than I want no part. I ran from God. I still went to church because she wanted me to, and I always wanted to honor her, but really wnet to just socialize. She meant and still does mean so much to me. She was Christ for me when I was a child. Just as it says in Corinthians she was imitating Him. She always loved them in spite of what was being said. I got involved some with alchol & drugs but I was never happy. It did nothing for me. I knew there was still a void that wasn't filled. At 17 I rededicated my life to Christ. It hasn't been easy, and yes I have fallen a couple of times since, but God was right there for me when I felt all alone. It was His unfailing love that got me through every trial that came. He is and always will be the God of another chance.


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  1. Hater Prewf 04.23.11 @ 10:19 pm |

    Paitientlly waiting to become a member of the Holy Rollerz... I'm ready and willing to spread God's word all over.. To reach out to a lost generation and lead them to Christ through Car Customization... To relate their life to a broke down hoopty and make them understand... they've fallen slaves to the Devil's sinfull booty...To pride and idolism...They've lost their soul and God's wisdom... which through God's grace when Jesus was risen...he took our Sins and Free'd us from within... for when we give our life to him.. our life will not be Dark and Dim... So when I become a member... I will always remember... Where I stand.. In God's new plan of a Reborn life... Blessed by the Words of CHRIST!!!

  2. Hater Prewf 04.23.11 @ 3:05 pm |

    This Holy weekend brings forward many thoughts... The things that jesus did for us to all be taught... To take all our sins away as long as we repent today... find joy and peace, grow in faith... show jesus you love him with every praise... Join together in fellowship and through prayer and time with the one who has saved you from your wicked fate, he who has taken all the unknown hate, who carried the cross for all those who wait... as he has risen from the grave and shall return to show us our fait... with out him and his sacrifice we would all be doomed... For when eve ate that apple she had open a sin gate... allowed the devil to tempt us into a deep dark place.... to fill our lifes with idols, lust and greed to grow all our evil selfish needs... and let the devil trully succeed.. to destroy our lifes... Thank God for his grace through which he sent his son to resecure our pathway to the heavens... through his Blood, Sweat and Tears... his hardship came peace for he gave his life... and shared Gods words with those who have not heard the truth lives within all who Glorify him... give up all foolish ways... to live eternity in heaven and with Gods Holy ways.. So remember the true reason for this weekend and give praise to the one who matters... our lord God and Jesus while you kick back and munch on them marshmellow peeps and all the kiddie sweets. God Bless you all !!!

  3. Hater Prewf 04.20.11 @ 8:10 pm |

    Wuts GoOD... My name is Pablo Oliveri and I just wanted to know how my membership application was turning out? I finished my application on the 7th of april or so and have been paitientlly waiting for a response of some sort... I would love to be part of such a powerfull urban holy wittness... to join in fellowship with others and grow with god and develop strong relationships with other followers of christ. To be able to feel safe and be around others in a non- society judgemental setting.... To be at peace with my self and enjoy life to the fullest with others with the same intrest and outlook towards life and oour Lord. So with that all being said if you could get back to me with any info or help that would be greatlly appreciated. Thanks for your time on this matter.... God Bless!

  4. Rub N Smoke 07.11.10 @ 10:42 am |

    Your testimony is GREAT Bro!! I was "MAD as HELL" at GOD for a long time and found salvation too. I am not Proud of being so angry for so long but as you said GOD NEVER LEFT. He knew with me just as with you the EXACT time and place when you would come back to him, he just was waiting for it to come about!!! Its like the elephant in the room scenario, someone tells you to go into a room and look for the elephant and when you get there all you can see is grey, you dont see the whole picture, which is the grey elephant until you back up and focus on what you are sopposed to be doing. GOD BLESS and De Colores!!!!
    H~Town Chapter

  5. gtp2000 02.17.10 @ 7:04 pm |

    I like that durango nice

  6. Triple Seven 01.23.10 @ 12:00 pm |

    I have to amit that I as  read your testimony that I think of my mom. She to was an example to me much of my life and when we aren't together she still gives me the advice that is needed. So here's a praise to you for praising your mother.  Moms are the friends that never dies.

  7. ridin4deep 04.03.09 @ 1:07 pm |

    It was great meeting up with you guys in GA, we gon hafta git ya down to da dirty soon, lol stay blessed

  8. Keith 02.18.09 @ 10:37 am |

    I take it that congradulations is in order! I pray that you and your wife have a wonderful life together.

  9. warrior777 02.07.09 @ 2:21 pm |

    Hey Gus nice ride there

  10. brian 01.26.09 @ 5:00 pm |

    nice car