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97240sxsetuner's 1997 Nissan 240SX SE S14

My Nissan 240sx se
  • the full body kit looks good now just saving up the money to paint it
  • the new carbon fiber hood w/ domo on top
  • the rear bumber of the kit
  • the new side skirt of the body kit
  • venom beating up spiderman
  • my fav guy from spiderman Eddie Brock aka Venom
  • 240sx se
  • 240sx
  • yeah baby Nissan
  • My AEM intake kit
  • my new exaust tips
  • my 240SX SE showing off at nite
  • the cars 240SX SE , Mustang and , Integra
  • me posing behind my 240sx se
  • me,Shane and Loyd all together after the import face off
  • my 240sx se and shane's mustang showing support for the holly rollerz club at the car show in prattville
  • nice white face gages it goes 120mph
  • my engine(you can't see it but it does have a performance chip)
  • interior of my 240sx se
  • my new gas and break pedal i got for x-mas 08
  • My new holyrollerz car club sticker
  • front low of my 240sx se
  • i can't wait to get that body kit on it
  • nice side shot my 240sx se (just because the paint is scratched and it has damaged parts doesn't mean it can be clean and shiny )
  • dogs view of my car
  • top view of my 240sx se
  • another top view of my 240sx se
  • me by my car
  • my car when it snowed here in alabama it was really cold but in less then 2 hours you could not tell it had snowed

Vehicle Make & Model

Cobalt Green 1997 Nissan 240SX SE S14   (find similar)

Engine Mods

high performance chip, NGK-R Spark Plugs and wires,AEM short air intake

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 185 whp @ 5700 rpm  
Torque: 160 ft/lbs@ 4400 rpm

Weight: 2862 lbs

Quarter Mile


replaced stock headlights and corner lights with new JDM crystal headlights and corner lights,added a V-style 2 body kit,D1 style drift fenders,VIS carbon racing hood


removed standard stereo and replaced it with cd player


none yet


added new exhaust tips to replace the messed up stock tips


standards 16" inch rims ,Circuit Sports slotted/drilled front and rear rotors


P205/55r16 Toyo Racing tires

Audio & Video

new cd player

Future Mods

17"inch rims, new speakers, high performance manifold, V-Tec exhaust kit, new paint job,

Awards & trophies

none yet


none but i'm looking for some


i'm a hard working father with a 4 year old son i have 4 loves in my life my son,my girlfriend,god,and my car i'm a very nice person get along with just about everyone kinda of quite and shy until i get to know you love to hang out with my friends and if i'm not doing that you can find me with my son and girlfriend spending time with them.

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Public Comments

  1. Jered 07.22.08 @ 8:04 pm |

    Hey my name's Jered and I'm from Prattville. I've been a HolyRollerz member for a few years now but just got around to logging back on. I was just curious if you get up with any of the local guys from the tri-county area.