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Angel_Gabriel's 1998 Honda Civic Dx

1998 Honda Civic Dx

Vehicle Make & Model

Milano Red 1998 Honda Civic Dx   (find similar)

Engine Mods

ACT stg. 3 clutch, ACT 8lb flywheel, AEM short ram intake, Edelbrock shorty header, omnipower test pipe and number 1 catback exhaust, D16Z6 tranny, B&M short shifer.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 135   

Quarter Mile


Carbon fiber hood


red painted inserts, Eqqous (sp?) boost and oil guages.


Eibach 1.9" lowering springs



Stealies lol


Pirelli on the fronts and no names in the back

Audio & Video

Alpine head unit, pionneer door speakers, kicker 6x9 and Kicker L7 12" subs with a boss 1600 watt amp

Future Mods

D16Z6 Vtec head built with Crower Stg. 2 street/strip cam and cam gear and crower springs, retainers and valves. Garrette (sp?) t3 airesearch turbo with a Greddy intercooler. Carbon fiber fenders and front bumper, Carbon fiber trunk.

Awards & trophies

None yet



Well when i was in middle school i got kicked out for being in a gang and it all basically spiralled down from there. I went to a second chance then i moved to another county. Things cooled down a little bit. i was still getting in fights and all. Then towards the end of 8th grade i started smoking the ganja. Getting into more fights with people at school and with the parents. Lost all my trust with them and nothing was right so i smoked more weed it came to a point where it was when i got up before school during lunch after school and before going to sleep that when on through highschool. Then in december of 2006 my friend that i worked with at the time asked me if i wanted to go to church with him. i was a little hesitant at first but by the end of the day i gave in and told him i would go. That friday i went and got saved and the pastor told me God was going to use me in the music industry and since then i started making holy hip hop and i've stopped smoking weed and getting in fights. My relationship with my parents has improved loads. its still has more to go but i am very satisfied with how far god has brought me especiall with the relation of me and my step father. Thats basically it.


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