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Bengal24's 2008 Hummer H3

My Hummer
Minor upgraded H3 Hummer for off reading and shows.

Vehicle Make & Model

White 2008 Hummer H3   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Spectra racing radiator and electric cooling fan, NGK double platinum plugs. I'm using Royal Purple oil, and Red line transsmission fluid, to help maintain my engine and transmission. It has also been tuned using a Diablo tuner.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 300 whp   
Weight: 5800 lbs

Quarter Mile


Exterior chrome trim has been added on the doors and rear door. I also added some other trim accessories to make it stand out more. I also added a Purple Cranium diff cover for protection, and style.


The engine has been tuned with a Diablo tuner. I also have replaced my stock radiator with a spectra racing one, and I deleted the fan clutch and added a electric fan. I have NGK laser iridium plugs.

Inside of my car I haven't done much to it yet to get it to my transformers theme I will be doing some changes in the future but that is in the works right now.


None at this time.


Volant CAI, Flowmaster dual exhaust



Audio & Video

Kenwood dvd radio, Factory Bose sub and component speakers.

Future Mods

I plan on adding a Twisted Mudding Led light bar. Along with high output fog lights. My end goal also is to have a transformer theme to my car.

Awards & trophies

None yet!!! Lol



I have had a lot happen that has been bad in my life. But through all the things that I have been through God has pull me through. He has made my what was bad turn into something good for me or a lesson that I have been able to help some one else get through. I have been blessed through my life by God.

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