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Brainwavezz's 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe 6mt

G35 Coupe
It's a G35, it's SLOW, and every vehicle on the road can beat me. ;-)
  • The
  • A close-up pic of: People keep saying my car (on the right) is silver, so I took a picture of my car parked next to a silver G35. Mine is Desert Platinum. See the difference?
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A close-u
  • A close-up pic of: People keep saying my car (on the right) is silver, so I took a picture of my car parked next to a silver G35. Mine is Desert Platinum. See the difference?
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People ke
  • Me at Atlantic Station on a HOT day
  • Dasan aka Iceman
  • Me and my pretty wife at a Braves game
  • Me and my lovely wife just after our wedding

Vehicle Make & Model

Desert Platinum 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe 6mt   (find similar)

Engine Mods

- Stillen Z-tube

- Custom Pop Charger Intake with custom Stillen Hi Flow Cold Air/Ram Air Box

- Intake system: High-flow tuned induction system with micropolished tract and ports.

- Motordyne 5/16 Iso-Thermal (Heat Reduction) Plenum Spacer

- Coolant Bypass Valve Switch

- Full Synthetic Motor Oil

- Ghetto ECU Tune

- Engine type: 3.5 liter V6

- Compression ratio: 10.3:1

- Valvetrain: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder with microfinished camshafts. Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) for intake valves.

- F1 Racing Stage 2 Clutch

- F1 Racing 18 lb Flywheel

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 380 bhp @ 6800 rpm  
Torque: 320 ft/lbs@ 4800 rpm

Weight: 3,275 lbs

Quarter Mile

13s?? sec. @ 1X? mph  ---------->


- Brembo Brakes (factory): 12.76" x 1.18" ventilated front rotors | 13.07" x 0.87" ventilated rear rotors

- Aero Package (factory): Coefficient of drag with Aero Package: 0.28

- Smoked Tail Lights

- LED lights all the way around

- HKS Knockoff Hi-Power True Dual Catback exhaust

- Clear corners

- 32% Window Tint

- Nismo license frame



- Front: Sport-tuned independent, forged-aluminum multi-link with coil springs over shock absorbers, stabilizer bar.

- Rear: Sport-tuned independent, forged-aluminum multi-link with coil springs, outboard shock absorbers, stabilizer bar.

- Limited-slip differential


- HKS Knockoff Hi-Power True Dual Catback exhaust

- Kinetix High Flow Cats


Lightweight 7-spoke Infiniti 18" aluminum wheels


- Front: 225/45R18 General Exclaim UHP

- Rear: 245/45R18 General Exclaim UHP

Audio & Video

- Bose 225 Watt, 10-speaker, In-Dash 6 Disc Changer

Future Mods

- Custom ECU Tune (coming soon)

- Headers (maybe)

- STS Single Turbo Kit, Twin Turbo Kit, or Supercharger Kit

Awards & trophies

Currently N/A


God, my lovely wife, and myself! LOL


I was born into being a Catholic baby, but as soon as I could remember, my family went to church less and less (I don't know what happened) and then we were not going to church or doing anything at all. At that time, my Dad was (and still is) a well respected martial arts teacher and he had our household practicing some form of a martial arts religion. I just went along with it because I was a child and didn't know any better, but I was forced to live a defeated life. To the outside world, everything looked normal, and all my friends ever noticed was that my parents were "weird". As I got older, I knew I needed to get out that environment, but I was held captive under bondage battling with spiritual warfare and generational curses. I always knew there had to be a better way to live than that, but didn't know how. I knew God could help me, but didn't how easy it was to call on Him due to my life-long lack of church exposure. I didn't know that I could just pray the prayer of salvation, get on the internet and watch TV to listen to sermons or ask for prayer, despite growing up in one of the most church abundant areas of Atlanta. I had no Christian friends that could expose me to Christ.

During my public transportation commutes, I saw men reading the bible and didn't know much, but knew the bible could help. I truly didn't know I could have bought one so easily, despite having access to purchasing one all around me. Around 20 years old, I was blessed to get a free bible through one of my dad's kung fu students (her parents were ministers praise God!) I began reading it, and even though I didn't understand what was happening, things started getting a little better. Not realizing what I ended up saying, I later ended up praying the prayer of salvation in my room, and things began feeling a lot better and the load was lighter.

God had His hand on me the whole time, and I just focused on trying to understand the bible, seeking God, and being complete in Him. I was originally Catholic as a baby, but in December of 2001, I felt a calling to Christ and joined a local church in Atlanta where I was saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. One month later in January 2002, I was also baptized.

Now that I have matured some in Christ, I am aware that God had His hands on me the whole time and had a calling for my life. He had a calling on my life to preach the Gospel, but not to be pulpit preacher. I am now a very well respected Holy Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, and owner of Think About It Records (, where the label's mission statement is to glorify Christ and win souls to Him through our Artist's Christian Hip Hop music and traditional methods to salvation. (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Mark 16:16, Romans 1:16, Luke 5:31-, Luke 15:1-10).

I pray that this testimony be a blessing to those who read it.

To God be the GLORY!


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  1. brian 04.01.11 @ 8:55 pm |

    Hey Dasan, is this guy close to you and Samuel? He filled out a membership app, but he's a little far from us.

  2. gods_oracle 01.26.11 @ 8:55 pm |

    hello brother sorry for the delayed response ...i have not figured out how to answer my inbox on the site yet id be very interested in discussing the possibiity of becoming a member of your chapter....i live in the decatur area...please feel free to call or email me to discuss this further....678 826 6774 is my phone number....God  bless you sir look forward to hearing from u

  3. tiggaatl 12.21.09 @ 10:40 pm |

    Hey man. i got your invite but my family and i just got stationed out in Texas. It would have been awesome to hang out and gab about Christ.

  4. Joe Johnson 07.22.08 @ 3:02 pm |

    Noice!! G35'ing it UP!

  5. brian 07.21.08 @ 2:02 pm |

    sweet.  you got a G.  Did you keep the Versa or get rid of it?

  6. kasaghn 03.19.08 @ 12:32 am |

    Mad respect to a fellow versa owner