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Bxtercel's 1996 Toyota Tercel

1996 Toyota Tercel
  • Finally a HolyRoller!!!
  • New JDM Black headlights and corners
  • New JDM Black headlights and corners

Vehicle Make & Model

Wine/Burgundy 1996 Toyota Tercel   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Custom short ram intake with Ractive Filter, Denzo Iridium spark plugs, Bosal racing muffler.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Black corner and Headlights, Carbon Altezza tail lights, R1 Racing wing, trunk flip flop kit, tribal decals. Working on getting a F5 Body kit.


red gauges, racing mats and belt cushions, and strobe lights.


KYB struts with custom coils, front tower strut bar, cross drilled-slotted rotors



17x7 ROH Adrenaline Rims(Gunmetal)


Nankang 205/40/17 performance tires

Audio & Video

Sony Xplode AM/FM CD Reciever 52x4, Sony Xplode 600 watt amp, 2-Pioneer 4", 6" 3 way speakers, custom built system- it holds 2-10" Kicker Comp subs speakers.

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



My testimony begins back when my mom and father were still together. My brother (XS10X) was living with us at the time. Its crazy how I read his testimony and given the fact that were 11 years apart I still remember that poor dog. Living in a house of fear, not knowing when daddy dearest would make it home after a long day of hanging out. Until this day I remember how me and my mom would scramble around once we would hear the locks on the door be unlocked. Not knowing what would happen next. Then the day came when my uncle and my father had a dispute and my mom had no choice but to leave. No matter how much he put us through one good time I had with him sticks in my mind. He took me to a baseball field and played catch with me there. He gave me a used glove and thats were I began my love in baseball. I always try to remember him that way then how he has turned out to be. My mom was always a strong person and she always took me to Church. She took me to Church since 1 years old. I went there until I was old enough to make the choice to go. When I reached about 16-17 years old I left my Church. I left to do all the things I shouldn't do. I lead my life away from God. Began hanging out late, smoking, and drinking. My mom had no control over what I did because she worked soo much. Everthing was going south until one day I was online in a chatroom and instant messaged a girl. We traded pictures and to my amazement I noticed she was going to my highschool. I didn't know that this girl was going to change my life. So we chatted and hung out for some months til one day we decided to take a another step. 10 months later we have our son. I know what we did was wrong but since I didnt have a father figure around, I saw it as a way of giving what I wanted to another soul. Now I thank God everyday that he gave me my wife and my son. I understand that God put them there for a reason. She opened my eyes and my son gave me the reason to change my life. To think at one point in time I almost died. My mom lent me her car while she was going to Puerto Rico for a vacation. Now to think I just got my license a month before and she told me I can use the car but do not to leave the state. So of course I left the state the 1st weekend out and I ended out in a high speed accident. Everyone involved walked away, only mark I had was a belt burn on my chest. To think my life wouldv'e been over soo quickly. God let me live. I now know for sure I have a purpose in living. That car up the in the pictures is the car I crashed. Just like the car I am renewed. I am not perfect but I can still praise the Lord. This is one way i can preach God's great power. This past December I went to see my brother out in Augusta. We had a couple of talks and for sure I know I need to change. My brother is a great example to me and I'm proud he made the choice to join God's winning team. I now started to go back to my Church and started to make differences in my choice of living. I am going to do my best to make the changes I need to and I know joining this car club could help me become a stronger Christian. Its a great way to reach out to the youth and I am glad to be part of it. Also I now DJ for a Christian rapper by the name of Re:Son. Check the Website Hope this testimony helps you guys understand a little about me and that God is great in all his actions. God Bless.

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