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Chromaro86's 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

THE.... Rally Sport
almost prestine condition, 355 Throttle Body Injection V8 with power steering, power windows, power trunk hatch, power locks, air conditioning and heating, air bag, gauges work, steering wheel tilt, automatic.

Vehicle Make & Model

White 1991 Chevrolet Camaro   (find similar)

Engine Mods

At 146,464 miles the 305 blew due to fan sensor not kicking on and blew the rings on one of the pistons soooo....OVERHAUL!!!

NEW! 350 bored over to a 355 with heads and block resurfaced and cleaned. Comp cams valvetrain setup, JE pistons and connecting rods down low, resurfaced crank, some new sensors, 180 degree thermostat put in(versus the 195 that was in it) new lower bottom hose along with a brand new radiator. New oil sending unit, 4" aluminum polished air intake plenum from Spectre Racing along with chrome stud, nut AND filter. everything washed and cleaned and painted with black engine enamel.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 300 @ 4200 rpm  
Torque: 350 ft/lbs@ 3200 rpm

Weight: 2-3000 lbs

Quarter Mile


painting her is next in this area



none yet


Stock design but all new pipe front to back with one flowmaster dualed out, just needsa some good tips ;)


16" Iroc rims (Grey powder coat with aluminum inserts


245/ZR16 Raptor Rikens

Audio & Video

Pioneer 7" touch screen monitor, Nitro BMW 6x9's and 4x6's, Pyramid 1000 Watt amp 2 ch., 3.0 Farad cap by Power Acoustik, SPL 15" subs (2) in a personally ported box, and a new autocraft battery

Future Mods

I would like to make a plexiglass clear cowl induction hood like the one VIS racing makes on bodykits .com, but have it about 6 inches of lift on the scoop and put remote powered tinting system on it that would tint it to where you couldn't see through it at all but would have a thin chrome dark maroon finish on it painted somehow with engine neons in the engine bay. to pop the hood i would like to get a touch pad from and put it somewhere hidden so when i just touched the hood would be rigged kind of like a door popping system to where it would pop open. under the hood on the scoop i would put glow gauges hangin from it. the bumper on the bodykit i want i would cut out two holes in the front on the flat parts beside the nose emblem, and run a dual cold air intake system around the radiator and sit behind those holes in the bumper and cover them up with mesh grilles with neon rings behind them or something. i would like to stuff a V12 from an old bmw in there but put chevy on it lol. and i do know whats all involved in doing so, but thats what would make it more unique. engine wise just something that looks deceiving to the eye and just looks pretty but packs more punch (internally) then what people would rate it for on first look, but def would love a stickshift with a seqeuntial transmission gearbox!!!! i like more torque then horsepower. interior wise, def. red real suede interior along with everything fiberglassed and painted, but as for the paint i would like glow in the dark pictures and scripture on the fiberglass. chrome maroon on the outside black fiberglass and maroon suede on the inside. also chrome maroon and chrome finish rims. clear engine hoses.Neons and led glow everywhere!!! as for tail lights i have an idea or like plates to motorizingly come when you turn the car off and when you turn the key to on the plates slide down and then crank the engine. definately want the car to be an aerodynamic machine to take curves and hug the road, and i want to air bag it. a sweet custom tint job would be nice too. the exhaust i was going for a lambo murciealago look with upward pipes centered like that hugging the rear bumper. as for sound, crystal clear quality but with massive bass. a custom computer that works nearly everything for a/v. and for doors i had this idea to do like both doors attached to the top welded shut all slide back on one piece like a minivan yet not interfering with the front and rear glass and still have a sun roof. and some really cool lighted mirrors but different style and painted def. i would also like the front and side markers to be hidden under the paint through a small clear window but the marker itself be a moving l.e.d arrow that would appear to just be on the paint itself and all emblems and other pieces shaved.

Awards & trophies



I grew up in church my whole life with an unsaved family who claimed to be but lifestyle didn't line up with their talk. I learned the word, memorized the word, sung the word BUT never knew the Word. I lived a life full of lust(saw first playboy in a car around prob. 8 or so), anger, rage, hatred towards authority,never got drunk(was afraid what would happen if i so stayed away from that. never popped pills or snorted drugs or shot them in my arm, but grew up around those people all the time. I got high one time in my older life around 17 but it was a contact high at that at a concert. never slit my wrists or got depressed or got addicted to cigarettes. never tried to committ suicide or ever had premarital sex....PORNOGRAPHY was my poison of my life by the curse of my family that was over me. i got bullied my whole life and was told, by dang near everyone i knew and my mom knew, that because i had a learning disability called Dyslexia along with Attention Deficit Disorder, that i would never attain goals in life or would ever go to college. My I.Q. was that of a normal persons it's just the reason i struggled through school my whole life was because noone except special teacher being specially placed in EVERY grade that saw my potential, made me able to pass grade school. they would teach me...if i struggled with something, it was because there was a person who cared less about taking extra time to teach me what i needed to know to get through that class. I played sports my whole life:Basketball,Baseball,Football,Soccer, and Hockey(ice & roller). i had the potential to play ANY sport i felt like i wanted to play. i was gifted with that abililty by God. I loved cars, skating and women mostly. TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>............

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Public Comments

  1. brian 11.08.10 @ 9:43 am |

    Hey Brenton, how's it going man?  Family doing okay?

  2. Chromaro86 10.13.10 @ 3:19 am |

    check out my facebook to see some of my other custom work ; )

  3. Kim 11.10.09 @ 8:18 am |

    Brenton, Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. God Bless!


  4. brian 10.26.09 @ 8:31 am |

    sorry to hear than man.  Not sure if you did yet, but please post that in the Prayer Requests section on the forums also.  We'll definitely lift you up in prayer.  Keep me informed please.  If you have sensitive info to discuss, be sure to email it to me cause anyone can read these profile comments.

  5. AutoXSTi 09.23.09 @ 12:16 pm |

    Man, it was good to have you hang with us.  Thanks for helping with the wheels.  I didn't even have to ask.  Keep up being a great servant of God to help others.  Hope we get to see you again bro.

  6. Kim 08.10.09 @ 8:07 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and getting to know you.If you need anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM. Here is a link to the forums:

    Here are some more helpful links:


    Learn more about HRC3 ministry:


    God Bless