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DJ Real's 2002 Audi TT Quattro 225

2002 Audi TT Quattro 225

Vehicle Make & Model

Arctic White 2002 Audi TT Quattro 225   (find similar)

Engine Mods

GIAC Lite Reflash
K&N Intake

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 260 whp   

Quarter Mile







Audio & Video

Future Mods

Stage II Turbo-kit upgrade from Stage I.

Awards & trophies



My testimony starts out like many kids; I was brought up in the church. I was first water baptized when I was about five. I really did not understand much of what being baptized meant, or much about God really at all. I was for much of my earlier childhood, quite shy and quiet in my ways. It was hard for me to get settled in and keep friends or even meet new friends because my dad was in the military and we often moved. We didn't neccesarily move all across the country every couple of weeks or anything, but every year since I was born it seemed that we were either in California (where I was born), or in Texas. During most of our time in Texas my family attended Pastor John Osteen's church (R.I.P; yeah the famous pastor we all use to see and still do see on TBN). His family was a good friend to our family, as my parents were even married by him. Pretty cool. Anywho. the biggest change in my relationship with God came when I was about ten. Dad recieved orders to move to Delaware. Things for my life, were of my own, and I caused them to go downhill. For myself and for my family. In my early teenage years I was stuck trying to find myself, at least in style. I never got into drinking or smoking or anything, but I was pretty rebellious to my parents, and abusive to my younger sister. It was not until one year I went on this youth retreat in 1998 that things really changed for me. I found out what God really wanted to do in my life. You might sometimes hear people say that people cannot just change overnight, or even just a few hours (well...besides the crazy people, and God I'm praying for them to be healed) but I was seriously changed. That Sunday evening when we came back and we gave testimony of the retreat during the evening service, everyone saw a changed person in me, especially my family. It felt good to be free from all the weight of the world. Knowing that true peace and happiness rest in the Father. Granted I am still not perfect, but the Lord knows every day I strive to be as my Saviour. After I was cleansed and my mine was purified my creative abilities went crazy. My music started going places, was just the best natural high I could have ever recieved. I thank God for His mercy and compassion over my life. I realize that I could be dead and gone from this earth like a vapor in the wind. But God has a greater purpose for my life, and when I realized that and came back to Him, God restored my soul. And ever since a certain song came out, I am put into remembrance everyday how foolish it would be follow Satan instead of God.

"It would be crazy to choose this world over eternity..." - MercyMe(C)

My personal quote: "Rollin' Against the Flo'"


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Public Comments

  1. slverjettaracer 03.08.11 @ 11:37 pm |

    Thanks, you still rolling in your Audi. I love my Vdubs.There is nothing like a european car!

  2. brian 02.06.11 @ 9:55 pm |

    Hey Bro, hope you're doing well.  You should consider coming down for Holy Rollerz Nationals.  June 9-12 here in Atlanta

  3. STi_3_16 04.13.09 @ 11:16 am |

    sweet TT man....i had a silver 02, got rid of it and miss it...

  4. douliss1 01.08.09 @ 12:26 pm |

    Sounds good man if you need a place to crash let me know!!

  5. douliss1 12.19.08 @ 11:40 am |

    Hey if you are gonna be in town on the 21st we will be having a Holy Rollerz Christmas party and would love for you to join us.  If not I am off all week so just hit me up with the time you would wanna meet and we could do that.  Thanks for the nice comments and inspiring ones too.

  6. n_csmith 12.19.08 @ 3:03 am |

    as i suspected that is a beautiful car man.  take care and God bless

  7. brian 12.18.08 @ 5:10 pm |

    What's up Jeremy? Got your message.  I'll call you tonight. 

  8. godprayzer1 12.04.08 @ 12:07 pm |

    Just wanted to say what up!  My e-mail now is I did catch up w/ you on facebook recently...

    Anyway.  I got ahold of some turntables w/ mixer  AND CD players w/ mixer!!!! Let me know of any good Christian vinyl links or just general DJ links.  Be blessed bro!

  9. godprayzer1 10.04.07 @ 7:51 pm |

    Hey, I lost your contact info... Still have your car for sale? Contact me at God bless bro!

  10. brian 08.16.07 @ 10:26 am |

    what's up man. long time, no hear. How are you?