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Dnorev's 1995 honda civic

Day Tyme Revolutions

  • just a pic at wal-mart
  • this was the first time i have been in a real comp in a long time...they didnt get to judge because i left and the doors were locked goof on me

Vehicle Make & Model

none yet 1995 honda civic   (find similar)

Engine Mods

full msd ignition,uridiom plugs,F18.5lb flywheel, stage 3 clutch, urathan motor mounts,custom clutch hard line, top secret redone ECU with staging, custom turbo set up(T3T4 turbo,cutom black out intercooler, TAIL waste gate, greddy blow off pushing 15lb boost, stock motor)

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: ???? lbs

Quarter Mile

9.79 sec. @ ??? mph


none so fare


redone blue and white inside with the back seat taken out for a three twelve set up


stock with coil overs for now



Kyowa Racing Model 210 all black with a chrome ring on the inside 5 spoke design


BFGooridge scorcher T/A

Audio & Video

full blaupunkt system,three Velicity 12s, 3-ways in the rear panel components in the front doors,with a Eclipse 8000 series cd player

Future Mods

re build the motor , a wide body ,redo sound system, OMNI power coilovers, bride seats, convertable top and what ever else i think will be just a little more over the top

Awards & trophies



Kyowa Racing,,Blaupunkt,


Being alive is what I thnk is my testimony, I have went threw so many things starting at a young age and I thank God that He has not taken me home yet so that I may share and be what God intented me to be and to help spread His joy and love with others, I have long since wanted to be a part of a group that shared the same things that I did and I thank God for letting me find you guys and that also you made me a member. It means so much to me and I hope that I will be at my best to show others that God loves the things that they like whether it be cars, music, painting, He wants to be a part of it all, I love Him and praise Him and I try to do my best to honor Him in all that I do...... God Bless


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