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Eclipsed's 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Greddy exhaust, AEM v2 intake.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Blitz full body kit, euro tail light, halo head lights, and about to get lambo doors.


. Painted interior.
3 gauge pillar


Eibach 2 " lowering springs



about to get Konig Unknown rims



Audio & Video

2 12 inch Jbl 1600 watt subs. 1 Jbl 320 watt 2 way amp. Memphis capacitor. Sony flip down cd player.

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



Well I was a strong christian up intill about 5 years ago when my parents got divorced. It made me lose all trust in the lord, so I stop worshiping. But about a month ago I broke dow when I heard the song VOICE OF TRUTH by Casting Crowns. I knew that I was wrong. About a week ago I recommited my life to the lord and havent felt better about myself. I know that the lord is always here for us and he does everthing for a reason. I realized that it was just a waya to make my faith stronger and to make me as a person stronger. I am so glad I saw the errors of my ways. HE is truly AMAZING!


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  1. tyty_5689 12.28.08 @ 10:52 pm |

    hey man i see that you are a nation wide member well i am too

    but there are two of us in the middle georgia area that want to get a chapter started down here if you are interested pleas let me know we want to get this done asap

    God Bless

    Tyler Crowley

  2. dean 10.08.07 @ 9:29 pm |

    Hey bro! I'm a fellow Eclipse owner myself. I have a friend up there in Warner Robins who was going to join Holy Rollerz. Next time you go to Cracker Barrel, ask for Shannon and tell her Dean sent ya!