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GodsSon24-7's 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo

1983 Chevy Monte Carlo

Vehicle Make & Model

Gray 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo   (find similar)

Engine Mods

I replaced the engine with a 3.8. She's not as fast as I would like her to be, but she's not too slow......

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Quarter Mile


I have the old school silver flares along the wheelwells. She has tinted windows. A dual exhaust system that makes her noticable from blocks.


I have not done much to the inside except to install a purple light under the glove box that adds a glow to the car interior at night. It is pretty much old school inside and I intend to restore it in that maner.





Right now she sitting on some 14"s ,but, I'm looking for some 20" or 22" silver wire Daytons for that old school look.


Looking to put the Daytons on 20" or 22" tires.

Audio & Video

I have had a Panasonic stereo system installed with 2 speakers in the dash, 2 in the door panels and two in the rear dash. In the trunk I have 3, 12" ID Max subs, powered by both a Rockford and a Lightning amp. I have been told that in a bass competition my stereo could top out at about 160. People say if I had a bigger ride the sky would be the limit to how loud she could go. You can hear me coming from two blocks away so I've been told.

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



As a child, I never had the finer things in life. I never owned anything of value. This is the first car I've ever owned. After dealing with racism at a job, a God body came to me and gave me a few words. She invited my wife and I to her church. There, I became saved with the blood of the Lamb. That was about a year and a half ago. Now as I look back on my life, I realize that even though I wasn't with God, he always had my front and my back. He was with me through all the drug dealing, pimping and getting robbed even though I did not deserve his presence in my life at that time. I've came to learn that if God is before me, then who can be against me. I'm the head and not the tail. We all must put God first and foremost in our lives. Now I don't have to look over my shoulder to see if some cat is trying to kill me cuz God's got that thing all covered. I can finally sleep at nite in peace. Man, I could go on forever but I will stop here. God Bless to everyone that reads this.
Peace out.........GodsSon24-7

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