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GruntDan's 1998 Dodge Dakota

Daily driver
98 dodge dakota, with about 130K on it, got it from a girl who was selling it. it's an extended cab and a aftermarket sunroof on it! thats about it.
  • nice butt
  • for laughs
  • side rear shot
  • almost tuckin tire
  • Engine  shot
  • My Door
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  • over head
  • me in front of my newly lowerd truck

Vehicle Make & Model

purple 1998 Dodge Dakota   (find similar)

Engine Mods

K&N Ram air filterkit.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: alot! lbs

Quarter Mile



It has a sunroof!


factory lift, with 4x4






Audio & Video

just a kenwood radio

Future Mods

system hopefully someday

Awards & trophies

2nd place Lowrider - Truck/SUV/Van -Mini-Street Nopi Nationals

*= trophie was won with my old 99' S-10


HAHA, are you serious?


I was raised in church all my life but didnt get saved till I was 7. I've had my ups and downs through my life but the Lord has been there to help me get through my troubles and tribulations. I'll admit that I doubted him in some things but as always he has proven to come through for me. I will say this , I'm very glad that I found HRC3 cuz I know I spent numerious of my weekends lookin to find something be it the racing scene or just hanging out with a group of people on a friday and saturday night. I had talked to this one guy, he was very energetic and seemed very happy with my truck at the time and loved it. At that time I was hooked to want to be around that guy. we would talk and hang out a couple times and then he told me where these guys get together on weekend nights and just hang out in this parking lot. He said that some of them race while some just show their rides off , so I asked him to hook me up with directions. Well he did or so I thought he did ,and when I went looking for the guys, I found that he given me wrong directions!! so I called him up and told him that they were wrong. Well come to find out , that night there was a police bust at that same place I was lookin to go to. So right then I was like , WOW thank you Lord for lookin after me. I knew God was looking after me cuz that wasnt the wrong directions he gave me , come to find out , I had taken the wrong turn at the wrong exit , soooo , there was a reason for all that . I went home the next day and looked on the internet for car club's online from Google, and found Holy Rollerz. I became a site user , found I liked the club and wanted to join, but at the time , I didnt have enough to join the club , well on that day my aunt sent me a late grad gift that had 25 dollars in the card, I knew right then that God wanted me in the club. I sent the money to Brian and became a member and have been hangin out with HR since then. I have made alot of friends and I have to say that I am very honored to be part of this car club , and that it has helped me out a whole lot in my life in ways that only me and God will know. So, Thank you Brian, and Gus for creating HolyRollerz!!!


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  1. brian 11.21.08 @ 8:09 am |

    Happy Birthday Bro.  We miss you and hope you're doing well.