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  • Rollin, rollin, rollin
  • The hated drip rail
  • Day 1 of ownership
  • Look at those/that stud/s
  • 1969 C10
  • Suicide Anyone?

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I wholeheartedly got saved and batized when I was 14, however I lived the next 17 years for myself and never had a personal relaitionship with Christ. In 2001 I got in trouble wuth the law and started going back to church. Again, I lived for another 41/2 years going through the motions and played church without really changing on the inside. Finally, Oct 2005 my wife who was 32 weeks pregnant found out the day after her bday that our baby was dead(stillborn) and she spent 35 hours in delivery room. No reasons why or answers to how this could happen.
GOD is love and HE does discipline HIS children. GOD was telling me I was not ready to be a father. I felt called out by GOD, who loves me and gives me free will, to pick a side and stop stradelling the fence. Sellout to HIM or go my own way forever.
I finally realized everthing I have is because of th LORD. I now live sold out for HIM and give HIM complete trust and control. I am by no means perfect, but I now know what it means to be saved by grace and to die to myself each day and let JESUS fill the in the gap.

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