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HansV1973's 2000 Chevrolete Venture

My pimped out grocery getter.
Yes, it's a mini van, lol.
  • My sweet van, lol. Don't judge a book by it's cover, she beat some street racers in her time. It's funny when these street punks get showed up by a 36 yr. old man w/ a mini van, lmbo!
  • This is my family; Brooke ( my fiance ), me and Addy ( my baby girl ).
  • All me baby! Get some, lol.
  • My beautiful fiance ( Brooke ).
  • My little Cheerleader, can you say; Grandpa loves the Tar Heels? Lmbo!

Vehicle Make & Model

White / Chrome 2000 Chevrolete Venture   (find similar)

Engine Mods

I have a new V-6 with a cold air intake.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 185 @ 5,200 rpm  ---------->
Torque: 210 ft/lbs@ 5,200 rpm

Weight: 1,769 lbs

Quarter Mile

12.5 sec. @ N/A mph  ---------->


Just my Holy Rollerz banner on windshield and a few other decals on windows, lol.


I recently started covering my interior carpet with Plasti-Kote, it seals and looks great.




My van has gas, but takes gas-X thus doesn't fart often, lol.


I ride on 18" Limited wheels.


What ever is on sale and holds the freakin road, lol.

Audio & Video

I have a kick'in Pioneer stereo with 4 AutioBahn 6 1/2's, 3000 watt Pyramid amp bridged, and 2 Power Acoustik 15" Fubar subwoofers in a seal box, also bridged.

Future Mods

I plan to add; Lambo doors, 2-12" subs, 2-10" subs, 2 more amps, new upgraded interior, new paint job with graphics, hood scoop, and GPS. I also think I'll get some hydrolics installed as well, not for hopping though, lol. I just think it would look cool and be handy when around speed bumps, lol.

Awards & trophies

I don't have any, but after a few competitions who knows, lol.


Yeah, who's up for it? I could use a few,lol.


Hello, I'm Hans. I came to the lord by way of my fiance. She introduced me to The Redemption World Outreach Center here in Greenville SC. Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. was very suprising, he broke things down so that you couldn't help but understand the word. He wasn't like any other pastor I've ever heard. He didn't use the word to push his own agenda, like some. Ron is the first pastor to ever reach me like this. I was blessed to have met my fiance, and I am even more blessed to have found the lord. I know my life has and is being turned around for the better. I feel blessed as well to have found a Christian Car Club, the lord has his ways.


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  1. joyfulnoise 04.22.10 @ 10:51 pm |

    sorry this took so long, but 3 to 4 cubic foot per speaker with a 4 inch. port 17 long or total 6 to 8 cubic foot box with 2 4 inch potrs 17 long

  2. HansV1973 11.30.09 @ 12:10 pm |

    OK, I know the job market sucks, economy sucks, and colleges/online schools are sucking in people by telling them to upgrade/change their job skills. But common, Obama needs to understand school isn't for everyone. I mean really, those of you who know me, truly know me. Do you see me as a medical transcriptionist, medical billing, accounting, lawyer,  and so on? They have changed so many standards for jobs that I once could have got'en and now I need to go back to school because some butt head wants us to go back there. How does that help the unemployed? You lose your job, get a crap job (Burger King/OTHERS), and enroll in school, while he has time to figure this economy stuff out. Now, let's say we all do this, go to school. For all the latist courses they are advertising our times need the most. How many jobs will there be in those fields if we all graduate and apply for them? Not many, thats why by then there will be a whole new list of what our times need, and you will have to either pray you find work in your field, or go back to school again. When does school stop? We are told, go to school get good grades, get a trade/go to college, and get a good job, and raise a happy family. But it seems, your training is never enough for the ones who really control things. It's gonna take more than telling people to go back to school, giving our goverment funds to other countries, forcing health care upon people who have no money for it and are struggling as is, and so on to make our economic times better. Making more paper cash and giving it to people when you don't have the Gold/Silver to back it up is the same as writting bad checks. So you lend money you don't have hopeing your investments will pay off and back you up, sad, very sad Obama. I am up set at our goverment and it's lack of concern for real people in America.