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HolyHorse's 2005 Ford Mustang

2005 Ford Mustang

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Ol Yella w/ Blk 2005 Ford Mustang   (find similar)

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Shaker 500 that thumps

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I was involved with alot of girls,drugs and partying for a good part of my life. I hooked up with a girl when I was about 22 and things got pretty serious. I was still smoking and doing some other stuff as are relationship grew. We moved in together about a year later and started to settle down alittle. I bought some property and we decided to build a house together.Things were going pretty good for a while until one day after work one day I came home and almost all of her stuff was gone, she had just left no big fight or any thing just left. I tried to get in contact with her and she keep advoiding me. After about a week we got together so she could get the rest of her stuff. I was devastated ,but bought in to the idea that things were over between us. A few days later at my work one of my customers came in and noticed that some thing was really upsetting me. I began to share the trials that I was going through and he listened , encouraged and shared Jesus with me for almost two hours! Towards the end of his witnessing to me he asked me to a home bible study on Wed. night a few days away. He was'nt sure if I would go because it was about 40 min.s away from where I worked, but I told him it was on my way home. It happened to be in the same town I lived in (Gods so awsome!) I was really eager to go. When I got there I felt the love of Christ thru those people. The whole study seemed to be focused on things that was perfect for what I need to hear. The Holy Spirit pricked my heart. The small group study was so awsome becausre of the interaction and questions asking. Towards the end of the study the shepard Clete asked me if I were to die right now where would I go and why. After my answer I relized that I needed Jesus. He asked me if I wanted to stick a nail in it and finish it , and I said YES . He and a few other guys went into his office and he shared more scripture with me and then I prayed and asked Jesus to be my Lord and savior. That was Arril 10th 2002. I shared with my ex-girl friend what I did and she was so happy. She said I feel like baking you a cake with a gillion canddles in it. Her and I were talking and she shared with me the reason why she left was she was confussed and convicted about living in sin with me. See she was saved as a child and had a family grouned in Christ , yet she back slid. Shee never really shared Jesus with me and I understand why God is a perfect God and an on time God. I had to be in the valley and be humbled so I could give Him my heart. She began to fellowship with me at the home church on Sun. and Wed. and we both really grew there. We got back together and decided to get married! She stayed moved out for almost a year until we got married ,we wanted to be in God's will. THe Lord has used us in great ways from hosting Bible studies , leading people to Him and other things. I'll stop because I want ot keep my treasures in Heaven :) We now have two beautiful children Canon and Sophia and look forward to serving the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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