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Keith's 2009 Scion xB

The xB
  • Our first event of our own!

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Black sandpearl 2009 Scion xB   (find similar)

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Eibach Sportline springs. 1.25 inch drop front and 2 inch drop rear. Hotchkis sway bars front and rear.



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i was born in westbrook, maine. grew up catholic, was an alter boy. did all the religious stuff. joined the marines at 17 years old. found alcohol around age 15. it gave me what i thought i needed. i just didn't think anyone would like me if they knew who i really was. alcohol aloud me to be whoever i needed to be. had 7 dui's (driving under the influence) by the time i was 27 years old. one of which involved an auto accident in which two people were killed. got kicked out of the mairines after my fourth dui, that was the on involving the auto accident. i had been in the marines for seven years. went to prison for 3 years for dui and two counts of invollentary manslauter. three of my dui's were after i got out of prison. while i was in prison my wife left me and took my son with her. she remarried and moved to illinois. i remarried in 1990. we partyed all the time. in 1996 we were looking for a change. i had started going to AA, my wife had started looking for a church. she found an ad in the yellow page for the raleigh vineyard christian fellowship, it said to "come as you are". we were pretty messed up. they accepted us as we were. then God started to work on us. my last drunk was oct. 14, 1997. when i woke up the next morning, i knew that God was speeking to me and telling me that if i didn't stop drinking i would dye. i haven't had a drink nor the desired to drink since. i have always loved cars. the first jo i ever had was pumping gas at the corner staion at 14 years old. i have worked at various automotive repair shop since getting out of prison. i am an ase master auto tech. God has given me all kinds of gifts. in the past few years i have been learning how to use them to His Glory. i praise God for everything He has done in my life. when i was in control, nothing went right. now that i live for Him, the things i do for the Lord work out the way he wants.


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Public Comments

  1. Successblessed 10.18.09 @ 3:06 pm |

    Thanks for the welcome.

  2. jimandsharynp 10.07.09 @ 9:38 pm |

    Check out my car's web page at

  3. jimandsharynp 10.07.09 @ 9:37 pm |

    Rhanks and God bless you abundantly!!

  4. del94sol 08.31.09 @ 2:31 pm |

    Hey keith. Yea it was great seeing you too. About the membership application. brian told me to delete the one I sent and to fill out another one and send it to him. what does that mean? By the way I'm doing very well.

  5. M070RH34D 08.27.09 @ 9:17 pm |

    Yeah I'm at kadena. I haven't seen camp butler yet, we do go down to kinser every so often though for job stuff. Kinser seems like it wouldn't be to bad since it's right near Naha. Theres tons to do down there.

  6. M070RH34D 08.23.09 @ 8:29 am |

    I'm Air Force. Which base where you at over here. Seems like theres about 20 of them. lol

  7. sargent_w 08.21.09 @ 4:02 pm |

    Thanks for the welcome. Thank you for your service and God bless all those still serving!

  8. M070RH34D 08.18.09 @ 9:49 pm |

    Thanks! I'm loving the island. Lots of sites to see and a lot of nice cars. Were you stationed anywhere else overseas?

  9. belk42 07.28.09 @ 12:53 am |

    hey, thanks for the welcome. i do have family in Raleigh so if i have the opportunity i would love to meet you guys. dave


  10. Ionic 07.11.09 @ 10:35 pm |

    thank you!