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NorMich99SE's 2000 Ford Contour SVT

2000 Ford Contour SVT

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 2000 Ford Contour SVT   (find similar)

Engine Mods

3 liter engine from an 04 Taurus, port matched to the SVT intake manifolds, heads ported and polished, K&N filter (stock replacement for now), headers.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Carbon Fiber Evo style hood, pre98 Contour SE trunk lid from my old car, with the lip spoiler, carbon fiber mirror bases (1 of 3 sets made), custom18's that need some tires(not on currently), not much else on it right now . Plan to install PIAA 510 fog lights from my old car.


B&M short shifter, Custom spun alum. ball shifter knob from Team VooDoo,


Struts and springs from British American Transfer (B.A.T.), 24mm hollow rear sway bar, welded/boxed rear subrame at sway bar mounts, rear strut brace,


Headers, as mentioned before, plus a full 2.5" exhaust from trubendz with a dynomax ultraflow in the stock resonator location.


16" stock SVT wheels for now, 18" wheels (don't remember brand) as soon as I can get new rubber.


Audio & Video

Waiting to be installed I have Orion 6.5" HCCA component set for the front doors, Orion 5x7/6x8's for the rear doors, an Orion HP 10" sub in an Orion built box, with an Orion HP-4600 4 channel to run the doors and an Orion D-600 to run the sub.

Future Mods

Possibly a carbon fiber wrapped lip spoiler on the pre98 trunk lid, CAI

Awards & trophies



Currently 30 years old, leader of the youth group at my church, and past leader of 2 other youth groups. My testimony isn't all that spectacular really, no battles with drugs or involvement in any other religions or anything like that. I was raised in the church. I kind of fell away a bit in middle school, did some shoplifting and such, but got busted freshman year. That was probably the best thing for me, as it helped me get more involved in my youth group. At age 19 I ended up being asked to lead that group as an adult supervisor of sorts, which i did for a few years before going to a different church. I ended up leading the youth group there as well after a couple of years (anyone else see a pattern here?). That group did quite well and I loved it dearly, but I ended up stepping aside, feeling somewhat burnt out. Now I'm leading my third group, and planning to go to Asbury College in Wilmore, KY starting fall of 09, after nearly 10 years of being too stubborn to see where God wants me.


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