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OFCPerry's 2002 Honda Civic EX

2002 Honda Civic EX

Vehicle Make & Model

Silver 2002 Honda Civic EX   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Stock. Working on getting a turbo right now.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Graphics, Aluminum Wing, tint, rain gaurds on the windows and sun roof


Stock, other than the JVC flip down cd/mp3 player





17" Exel


Audio & Video

JVC flip down cd/mp3 player

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



I have been raised in church ever since I was an infant. I have been blessed with being raised in a christian home and was saved at age 9. I never did get into anything too bad (according to human laws) but I did start to backslide.

Let me give you a little history. During the summer of '88, the pastor of our church retired (great man, great pastor). The associate pastor was who a lot of the younger generation (20's and 30's) wanted as the pastor. After the vote, he did not get voted in. When that happened, he and his wife, along with about 6-8 young families, started up a new church. It was awesome. We grew to the point where we could get out of the Womens Club we were renting and get our own building to rent that was our own.

God really worked with us too. We were in the heart of down town Huntington. We were on the same block that had bars and where hookers ran the streets. We had a coffee house, we witnessed to the people of the bars, we witnessed to the hookers, we had christian bands come in and play, we had praise and worship, we even went and witnessed at the Riverfront during the Regatta. I loved it. Then in '92 (I believe), the pastor felt that he was being called to Miami to help with the clean up of Hurricane Hugo. They brought in a new pastor, but most of the families went elsewhere. Some moved away, others just moved to a different church. It was starting to get frustrating but I was still sticking around.

In March of '95, I found me a girlfriend and started going to church with her but in July of '96, we broke up. At that point, I started backsliding. I cursed like a sailor, I started drinking with my friends, and worst of all, I stopped going to church. I was 19 and didn't care.

God was still there with me. He helped me through college. But he also brought me to where I am now. I started working at Little Caesars in Kenova in '95. In about '97 God brought on of my friend's mom's in and she actually got me a job for the law firm she worked for. I worked there for about a year and one of my closest friends at the time was leaving his job (he was a legal assistant) for the Air Force. I ended up getting his job. I moved up from runner to legal assistant. I worked for that law office until about the end of '01. Then God brought me to the Ceredo Police Department. I worked as a dispatcher and was finishing school. I finally finished in '03 and God then presented me with the opportunity to be a police officer and I took it. I went to the WV State Police Academy from Sept. 13, 2004 through Dec. 30, 2004. God definately helped me through those tough 16 weeks.

Now that I've laid out my work history, let me back track a little to my main testimony. Working for the law office in Kenova allowed me the opportunity to be invited to help coach girl's basketball at the Community Center in 2000. In about '02, I was coaching a girl who went to my good friend's church. He was at the practice with me. We were all talking after practice and the girl, with her friend (who was on another team), started asking me to come to church with them sometime. I didn't see it as a big deal because I've went with my buddy as a visitor all my life, we grew up together. So I went. That Sunday I went God woke me up hard. I realized how stupid I was being. But I also was shown where God carried me through my different jobs and opportunities just to place me in as a coach to get me to wake up. I always had the christian mindstate when I was backsliding in the sense that I cared for other people. I wanted to be a positive male role model because there was very little where I'm from. But I wasn't living for the Lord and He showed me my wrongs along with what He's done for me.

Thank you God for all You've done for me in my life. I praise Your Holy Name.

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