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Omegarider's 95 Honda Civic DX

95 Honda Civic DX
  • I'm not exactly sure why, but this is my favorite picture of my car.  Once again (drool) :)
  • Another shot of the new body kit and paint
  • I would erase my License plate, but if you come to ABQ, you would figure it out anyway lol
  • Hey more than just my car, but see the lights on in the building in front of my car.  We just got the keys to that building today, it is the new location for my dad's church. What a blessing, God sur
  • Another view (drool) :)
  • Here you go guys I finally did it. May 19 it was done, this picture is from May 28.
  • Just got these on April 19 2008, next thing i want to do is get the body kit on and have it painted silver. Should happen soon, but we'll see
  • Here is one more look at my ride droped without the original side skirts, for your viewing pleasure.
  • This is what the Drop looks like in the rear of my Civic
  • This is what the Drop looks like in the front of my Civic
  • The tail end of my car shows of my HR decal and my much loved Euro tail lights which I had to replace already because some punks thoght it would be fun to kick them in.
  • Here is my car as of April 30 2006.  You can see my projectors headlights with dual halos, my 17

Vehicle Make & Model

Silver 95 Honda Civic DX   (find similar)

Engine Mods

-AEM Short Ram Intake
-Edlebrock headers

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: n/a @ n/a rpm  
Torque: n/a ft/lbs@ n/a rpm

Weight: n/a lbs

Quarter Mile

19 sec. @ 75 mph


-HRC3 Decals
-JKL Chrome Euro style taillights.
-1pc. chrome dual halo projector headlights
-Side Mirrors with L.E.D. turn signals
-PIAA-black-wiper blades
-4 piece Extreme Dimensions Spyder full body kit


-New black Carpeting.
-Shifter knob
-Shift boot
-Brushed Aluminum Guage Bezel
Custom blue painted interior with custom black painted accents, soon to be changed to custom black paint and silver custom accents. Just got the new spray paint in the mail


-Tanabe 1.8 " lowering springs.
-NRG Front Strut Tower Bar
-NRG Rear Strut Tower Bar
-Just purchased Skunk 2 coilovers and Skunk 2 camber kits, will be getting those installed soon



-17" Enkei RS7


17" 205/40 Yokohama and Falken low profile

Audio & Video

-Pioneer Deck CD/mp3
-4 180watt Pioneer 4x6 speakers

Future Mods

-Custom Dual Exhuast
-NRG Racing Seats
-New sound system by Pioneer

Awards & trophies

-2nd place
Victory Outreach Operation Hope
7th Annual Car and Bike Show 2006




I have been a Christian since the age of 7. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, California, where my dad was assistant pastor for Raul Ries for 16 years. I now live in Albuquerque, New Mexico because my dad now has his own church. It is called Cross Christian Fellowship and my family helps run it with him.

I got to the excited point that I at am now, about cars, mostly after getting my license and playing the street racing game Need for Speed Underground.

The mixture of the awe and wonder of God, with His vastness, along with the endless possiblities of tuning have me ready to use my ride and my knowledge of God to further His kingdom. All love, glory, and power be to Him for His wonderful mercies each and every day.

I also was able to help start the chapter of Holy Rollerz in Albuquerque as Vice President/Treasurer of this chapter. I have since stepped down from those positions due to my work schedule.

Blessing of God to you from your brother in Christ, Michael Thom.


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  1. n_csmith 08.19.08 @ 5:09 pm |

    Are you going to be at the cruise saturday?? well hopefully we'll see you at the meeting friday night. Also where is your church located? nikki and i are trying new churches that we both can settle into.

  2. brian 08.09.07 @ 12:02 pm |

    Hey Michael, thank you for all your comments in the membership apps section. I appreciate all the input.