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Purpetrator05's 2005 Ford Ranger

2005 Ford Ranger
  • My Ranger

Vehicle Make & Model

Silver Frost 2005 Ford Ranger   (find similar)

Engine Mods


Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 148 @ 5250 rpm  
Torque: 154 ft/lbs@ 3750 rpm

Weight: 3010 lbs

Quarter Mile


• Billet grille and bumper insert

• Fender emblems painted red

• Ford oval on tailgate painted red

• LeBra tonneau cover


• Trim painted red

• Red suede headliner and arm rests

• Flamed billet rearview mirror

• Custom black & red seat covers


• DJM 4/5 drop



• Stock steelies painted red


• Stock 225/70/15 Continentals

Audio & Video

• Kenwood KDC-MP435U headunit

• Kenwood 6880i speakers in the doors

Future Mods

• Add an amp and sub to the sound system

• False wood bed floor with red metal strips

• Custom engine cover to hide the nastiness during shows

• Custom paint inside and out (two-tone with flames)

• A bunch of other things as time and money allow

Awards & trophies

My rewards are waiting for me in Heaven. (2 Tim 4:8)



I was brought up in a Christian home and asked Jesus to come into my heart at an early age. I was baptized on Easter Sunday in 1988 along with my dad and grandfather. As I got older, I started to drift away from God and started doing things my way. About the time I started college, my life really started falling apart. My hero, my dearly loved grandmother, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Watching the most faithful, God-fearing person I had ever known going through that illness made me question God's love. My parents were going through a really ugly separation at the same time and my mom ended up moving out. My dad and I began arguing daily, until one morning, I was getting ready for work and found a note on the kitchen table from him telling me to get my stuff and get out, that he no longer wanted a daughter. At this point, I turned my back on God completely. How could he let something like this happen to such a good family? I moved into a low-rent apartment complex and began drinking and partying with my cousin. My grandmother was then put into the hospital. I stayed in her room with my mom one night when the doctors told us it wouldn't be long. I remember sitting in that hospital room watching her lying there dying from cancer. Right before she took her last breath, she looked up at the ceiling and smiled, reaching her arms up to heaven. I thought how could someone go through all this illness and still reach out to God? I went home that evening and had it out with God, questioning His decisions and why this was all happening. My life continued to fall apart. One night, I hit my emotional breaking point. I found a picture of my beloved grandparents, talked to that picture, and just spilled my heart out to that picture. As I knelt there beside the bed, I felt like someone had their hand on my shoulder telling me it would get better. I fell asleep crying and woke the next morning with a sense that everything was going to be ok. I told my cousin I couldn't go out drinking with her anymore, that it wasn't right. "Something" (I really didn't believe it was God at this point) led me to apply to a four-year university with a dual degree in biology and environmental science. I wasn't even sure where it was, but one day I got in my car and drove myself there. It was a nice area. I got my acceptance letter in the mail shortly thereafter and ended up saying good-bye to everyone back home. I moved and was happy to be back in school but something was still missing in my life. I managed to find a good job but that still wasn?t the missing piece. I kind of hesitated, but one Sunday I actually managed to get myself up and I went to church. As I sat there and listened to the message, it was as if a light bulb went off in my head. That presence I had felt that night while crying in my bedroom was Jesus! I may have turned my back on him but he was always right there by my side, never letting me face a single minute alone. I began attending church again regularly and my life took on a whole new meaning. Things started to come together again. I thank God everyday for this renewed life He has given me and even though I face struggles on a daily basis, I am looking forward to what God has in store for me.


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Public Comments

  1. Ionic 01.07.09 @ 10:58 pm |

    Thank you for the welcome! :]

  2. Isaiah 54_17 02.18.08 @ 11:48 pm |

    Powerful testamony... Our Father looks after His Children, He has good things waiting for us... in addition to the sup'd up mobiles. God bless you, have a nice week!

  3. Isaiah 54_17 02.09.08 @ 8:59 pm |

    Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to the fellowship... the Lord's Peace be with you!

  4. ChristianSaint 02.07.08 @ 11:30 pm |

    yea right, i dont feel sorry for them, if i end up keeping this car and fixing it up, i will have to get a new front bumper, actually it would be better to get a whole new body kit. lol and a paint job! Perhaps i will bring in a trend of putting a metal grill in front of the bumper this time. hmmm anyways, thanks for the comment brother and i will see ya later. God bless always

  5. 1jesusfrek 02.05.08 @ 12:43 am |

    Isn't wonderful how one day we wake up knowing everything is going to be ok, but how much greater that feeling is when we know that we get to share all that we have been through with THE ONE that has been with us the whole time. We then look back and wonder that we could have never made it without Him. I love to hear all the wonderful miracles that God provides in our lives. How He turns situations around in the middle of the night so that we wake with comforting thoughts. thank you for visiting my profile, I read yours as well and God is doing wonderful things in our lives. May God bless you in all your doing and may He use you to many souls to the Lord. God Speed!