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Ratboy98's 2003 Saturn VUE

2003 Saturn VUE

  • me and my better half
  • covered in snow...

Vehicle Make & Model

Silver 2003 Saturn VUE   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Stock for now

+K&N Filter

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Pin stripping
Rear Wind Deflector
Luggage Rack
Chrome LP frame
Window graphics
Tented windows
Euro anteana
Clear Corner lights

Side Steps
Window deflectors
Push bars


Stock mostly

neons under the Front seats
Floor mats
Seat padded cushion
Steering wheel cover
Billit Shifter & Pedals


not right now



stock, hoping soon AR's American Racing my Staple I swear


BF Goodrich -long trails T/A

Audio & Video

+Kenwood head unit
+Upgraded kenwoods in the Doors,
+Kenwood Subs.
+Kenwood amp.

+soon Tweeters Kenwood


I also have a Cobra CB Radio

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



My Eclipse was Totaled after I Hit a telephone pole on 10/22/05. After six months the lord gives and he can take it away too. Thank god it was only a 25-30 MPH wreck or I could have been Killed. And thank God I my 5 yr old niece and Girlfriend were not in the Car. I Bought the Saturn Due to it's safety ratings and Styling. I'm pleased I hope to have pics soon of my Car and of the VUE. God Bless.

In the early years of my Childhood I spent as much time as could with my Grandparents. I went to church with the every weekend as long as I could remember. It was small Pentacostal Church (some would call us Holy Rollers, no pun intended) It was where I felt at home with god, where his spirit Filled my soul beyond any compare. About the age for 14 I left the church only because I working so much in the youth group at the Museum Center here in Cincy. I loved the new venture and never stopped walking with god. but found it harder sometimes to witteness than I'd like. all through high school people would tell me, " There is something about you..." Sometimes I'd just smile, but most of the time I'd tell them what it was, that I was I child of God, deep rooted in his peace and love.
About two years ago I was at the end of my rope praying sometimes to tears that God would show me how to get out the rut I was in. his answer to me was a call from a close friend I'd not heard from in two years. She was the person I needed by my side. We've now been Dating for 2 1/2 years, and engaged for one of those years. within this time frame I've joined the church again and I'm well on my way to working full force for the lord, stronger than I ever have before.
My Girlfriend who was raised Cathalic kept telling me she was un happy with her church, so once I got the chance to take her to the Church I was Raised in she told me she had never felt the spirit of God like that in her life in a Cathalic church and has Joined me in the Pentacostal church, both of us have grown so much in the lord Since we've been dating as well as growing in our relationship and Friendship.
God has been rather good to me. over the years, almost losing my Dad to Accdent that has left him handcaped but could have left him parilized or dead. I almost lost my mother when she miscarried her last pregancy in '93. Needless to say that I'm very lucky and thankful to for the gifts in my life. I'm 25, a walking, talking, soilder of the lord. I could thank god for a Good Job, a nice car, roof over my head, etc. yet, I thank him most for Friends and Family. My Grandma who passed on in December 6 days short of her 77th birthday (Dec 25th) is and always will be my teacher of Strengh and peravence. My Grandpa who is still living, will always be my example of what it means to work hard for what you want, coupled with my Dad, I was given great examples of how to be a man. I thank god for them all. I could go on for ever about the things God has given me, but I'll close by saying that no matter what I've been through, or what I'll face in the future. I don't worry much about it because God as always been there for me and He'll never leave my side. In Jesus Name Amen.


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