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RevChuck's 1969 Plymouth GTX

1969 Plymouth GTX
  • Before
  • After

Vehicle Make & Model

Gold 1969 Plymouth GTX   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Original numbers matching 440, bored .60, street hemi cam, high compression pistons that have been slightly re-worked to DROP the compression a bit.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 375+   

Quarter Mile


It is in the body shop right now, bringing it back to completely stock. My "baby" was "put up for adoption" in 1976 and was re-aquired in 2004. Michigan has not been kind to it but it is well on the way to complete restoration.


Again, looking for the stock look.


Safe would be the definitive word.



Not sure yet .


Not sure yet.

Audio & Video

Gotta find me a vintage 8 track, you know what I mean?

Future Mods


Awards & trophies

It is a trophy on its own account, having been away and abused and coming back to life after all these years!



I bought this car in 1972, right out of high school. It was my "god." Crazy time, don't want to go into details, but when my girlfriend broke up with me in 1975 (because I was a selfish, prideful, obstinate jerk), my life hit rock bottom. Cried out to the Lord one night, if You are real, come into my life! And He did in an immediate and powerful way! Been serving the Lord ever since. And, oh yeah, my girlfriend and I got back together and we have been married now 33 years! That is one of the reasons getting my 69 GTX back after all these years means so much. I have pictures of us with the car on our wedding day. When it gets finished I am going to have the word "redeemed" etched on the rear passenger windows; because when I got it back it was in pretty sad shape, very rusty and even unsafe. I am putting way to much effort and attention back into it compared to what it is worth. HOWEVER, that is exactly what God did for ME. REDEEMED, how I love to proclaim it, redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb! * It is now approaching 2011 and I still have some things to do on the car, but it is coming along.

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Public Comments

  1. 1jesusfrek 02.05.08 @ 1:00 am |

    Love to hear that word, REDEEMED! It means so much and we can recieve it everyday. My personal favorite is the 69 Mustang GT 500 and one day I pray I will own one. The GTX can definitely stand on its own with no problem. Welcome to HRC3, look forward to seeing the pictures. God Speed!!

  2. Purpetrator05 02.04.08 @ 5:51 pm |

    Welcome to HRC3! Gotta love the old American muscle cars! Hope to see you around the site and on the forums!

  3. billcannon791 02.03.08 @ 3:05 pm |

    Good Day, welcome to the club, I hope and pray you enjoy your stay here, If you need anything please feel free to give us a holler, if you have a problem here send us a PM. again welcome.

  4. bbwolf 01.30.08 @ 12:08 am |

    Great car, owned by a great man of God. I am glad to know you and call you my pastor. Thanks for posting your testimony. (PS. If he doesn't post the picts, I will go to his house and get them for all to see lol)

  5. Raven 01.25.08 @ 3:03 pm |

    Sounds like a great car!!! I grew up on muscle, so I know the value of a good GTX. Welcome to HRC3, can't wait to see photos!