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Roughneck's 1964 Chevy Nova

1964 Chevy Nova

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Blue 1964 Chevy Nova   (find similar)

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I have plans for the Nova in every category. I want to appear classic but throw some twists into it as well.

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I was raised with the knowladge of Jesus Christ and knew that he was my lord and savior. But after my parents got a divorce we moved to Houston Tx and I begain to hang out with the wrong croud. I did that unitll the end of High School, steadily drinking and just being rebalious. It wasnt until after highschool I realized that the people I was hanging out with werent my friends. They only accepted me because I was acting out in order to be accepted. I realized that Jesus Christ loves me for who I am. He always has, even when I went looking for acceptance in the wrong places.

Even shortly after I rededicated my life I still tried to take my future into my hands. I was deperate to find someone that I could spend my life with. I was desperate to find a calling. I was desperate for so manythings. Yet I thought I knew all the answers. One day I just prayed for hours, read my bible and prayed some more. It was then that I gave it all to God. A week later I joined the Army as a Chaplain Assistant. After Basic Training and my Training for my job, I went to Fort Hood. I was there for a few months before I started working with the youth group where I met a beutiful young lady who worked for a ministry that guided the youth group on Fort Hood.

Isnt it awesome how God works. I struggled for so many answers and as soon as I allowed myself to listen to Gods message for me, and he sure enough gave me a path that would lead to happiness. After I married my beutiful wife, her father and I beagain to work on his 1964 Chevy Nova. This past year we learned that the Army was transfering me to Fort Jackson, SC. It was then that my Father-in-law made it clear that this beutiful car that he loved so much was going with me and his beutiful daughter. After arriving to Fort Jackson I soon realized that even though my Car is not refinished, it still turns some heads. This is been such an awesome alley to spred the truth and the love that Jesus Christ has for them.


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