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Rub N Smoke's 2006 Ford F~250

Just some cool cars and trucks.
2006 F~250 Super Duty/ King Ranch. 4x4 6.0 ltr., Diesel.
  • Hooked up and ready to go cook for Tres Dias!!!
  • Me and my Kids a couple of month after my surgery.
  • My Truck
  • My Team Logo
  • Me and Brian

Vehicle Make & Model

White over Gold 2006 Ford F~250   (find similar)

Engine Mods

S&B Stage 2 Cold air intake, Diablo Extreme Power Puck/ 100 H.P. on the fly, Amsoil full synthetic oil and Amsoil high flow oil filter.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 505 whp @ 3300 rpm  
Torque: 685 ft/lbs@ 2200 rpm

Weight: 966App lbs

Quarter Mile


Jason Dimension Fiberglass Bed cover, External "remote" jump start system, front and rear window air diflectors, Bully Dog bumper step, flamed tail light covers, Ultra White headlights.


All Saddle Leather- King Ranch Package, Chrome Fire Extinguisher, G.P.S., kill switch (hidden) LoJack.


Rancho Suspension, 2.5 inch lift.


None, YET..


Factory Chrome 20"


Good Year Wrangler A/T S

Audio & Video

6 C.D. changer.

Future Mods

New tires possibly Mickey Thompson or BFG., possible level lift kit for the front end.

Awards & trophies



R.B. Customs Choppers (Welding) Bodys by Lynch (Body/ Paint) Brothers Pizza (To make Mikie HAPPY)


About 1 year ago, when I was driving a bus and dropping students at a Elementary School I was approached by a Coach at that school and he asked me 1 simple question... "Are you a believer?" Being the person i WAS I asked him "A believer in what?" to which he replied "That Jesus is your only LORD and SAVIOR." and I answered YES. He then began to tell me about a group he was involved with called Tres Dias and how it is a complete emersion in the LORD for 3 days. He also told me that he wanted me to Pray on it and if GOD spoke to me and guided me to go on a "3 day Walk" to let him know and he would sponcer me to go. This was VERY ironis because just 2 weeks before that I had told my Wife I needed to figure out how to become closer to GOD but I didnt know how to do that because I had been mad at GOD for such a long time. (Thats a whole other story.) Kim (my wife simply had told me to Pray for it and God would show me the way. As I pulled out of the loading zone of the school I was in TEARS, I pulled over and called her with the GREAT news. All she said was Great, and those old familiar words, I told you so. The next Day I told my friend Tracy, yes Id LOVE to go!!! So it was set, I would go in October, I wasnt feeling the time was right to go right away, MAN Im glad I waited.
About a month went past and I heard that Brian "Head" Welch was coming to toen, he was and still is one of my idols, for those of you who dont know who he is, he used to be the lead Guitarist for a band called KoRn, a very dark metal band. He had just 2 years prior gave his life to the LORD so I thaught "Heck I'll go see what he has to say, after all he and I have the same views on ALOT of things", so I went.He gave his testimony at Salem Lutheran Church and I fely he was talking directly to me even though there were about 1000 people there. He said something that to this day I quote and that is, "GOD basically comes down and PUNCHES you in the throat and says Ok what are you going to do now?", Well thats what he did to me TEICE, this to me was a sign that although I had been SO MAD for SO LONG GOD was still there waiting for me. He knew I would come back and he knew when and where, he also knew how to get to me in a way that only I would understand!!
The 3rd "Punch in the throat", was when Head came back to town with his new Metal Band, still very hard and crunchy but now singing about his JOURNEY with the LORD and how GOD has changed his life and his young Daughter now has a Father, what a GREAT GIFT, just like when my Father allowed me to come back to him even though I was so angry. GOD had shown me 3 times before my Tres Dias experiance that HE LOVED ME, and I was ready for the journey.
In October of that year, 2009 I went on my walk and I have changed my and actually felt the presence of the LORD in my heart, Since then I have served on the Kitchen crew and brought at least 4 people that would otherwise NEVER went to Church to the LORD. One of them I sponcered myself and he has brought his partnts back to the LORD and is sponcering 2 to go to Tres Dias just like I did. I would LOVE to talk more in person with you guys about this in person, Ive had MANY other "Events" happen to me prior to last year and after the walk I'll share GLADLY!!! De Colores my Brothers!!


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Public Comments

  1. Rub N Smoke 08.03.10 @ 10:34 pm |

    Ill Look tomorrow, I have some Dr.s appts. Ill chaec after that. Im going to get with Doug and find out where he thinks we should use them. He has a better grasp on which events we are planning. Soon ill have that grasp... Thanks Bro and GOD Bless!!!!

  2. gtp2000 08.03.10 @ 8:25 pm |

    Hey mike go to the american bible society web site.I usally buy bibles by the case.I hand out the outreach edition new testements.Good price.thats were i get the bibles.check it out and let me know what you think send me an email bro with what you have in mind.Maybe we can join up and do something BIG!Let me know.GOD BLESS!

  3. gtp2000 06.28.10 @ 7:53 pm |

    praise GOD love your testimony bro.

  4. Kim 06.14.10 @ 12:20 pm |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady