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Skiendog's 1998 Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class
Mercedes E Class
  • my 1982 Mercedes 240D, with S500 in background
  • my 1982 Mercedes 240D
  • my 1982 Mercedes 240D
  • my 1982 Mercedes 240D
  • my 1982 Mercedes 240D
  • shot of my 1994 mercedes at 2005 Nopi Nationals.  

2nd Place Mercedes!!
  • beautiful city shot of my 1994 mercedes
  • my 1994 mercedes
  • beautiful shot of my 1994 mercedes at my house.
  • another shot of the bump in the trunk of my 1994 mercedes
  • my 1994 E class.
  • 2006 Eaton Academy prom.  

RIP Devon McKniff
  • another shot from the Clash of the Titans show containing my '98 benz.  

First place full-sized!!
  • my '98 benz got first place full-sized!! 
Clash of the Titans show
  • shot of the engine cover in the 98 benz
  • another shot of the 1998 mercedes.
  • rocking the grandma glasses
  • class of '06!!
  • reppin' the club shirt!!
  • EMS!!
  • my dad and uncle with the malibu.  new Pratt & Whitney PT6A Turbine Engine conversion!!
  • 1st place Full Sized @ Clash of the Titans
  • againt when i first bought it, so no tint in this pic
  • when i first bought it, so not tint in this pic
  • my new car!  1998 mercedes e320

Vehicle Make & Model

DarkMetalicBlue 1998 Mercedes E Class   (find similar)

Engine Mods


Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 235 whp @ 5700 rpm  
Torque: 249 ft/lbs@ 3000 rpm

Weight: 3,869 lbs

Quarter Mile


15% tint.... all the way around


It's already crunk





Mercedes 8 hole



Audio & Video

Future Mods

Awards & trophies

NOPI nationals: second place European Sport/Luxury Mercedes Benz Street.

Clash of the Titans: 1st place full-sized



In DC at the holocaust memorial they have an engraving that says:

"One should not be a persecutor

One should not be a victim

But above all, one should not be a bystander"

I don?t want to stand by in my life and watch it pass by. I want to do something with it. For God.

In the words of one of the smartest people ever (Farris Beuller):

"Life moves pretty quickly. If you don?t stop to take a look around, it might pass you by."

I don?t want to die one day, and know that I could have done something else to make a difference.

i first went on a mission trip to DC in 6th grade. i went on that trip for a few years. then i went to San Fransisco, and to Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, L.A., a lot of work here in atlanta.

I love to do mission work.

revelation 7:16-17

Mathew 5:14-16

John 3:16

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Public Comments

  1. HOTRODDER 05.05.11 @ 8:06 pm |

    Yeah I'm still in St Louis I just picked up some engine blocks from a machine shop that is behind Lindenwood

  2. RighteousAudio 05.04.11 @ 9:36 pm |

    Yeah man, not a whole lot... just been working and takin care of the family... one day I'll have enough money to build a show ride again, but I'm lovin every minute of my wife and two sons!

  3. Heben 03.06.11 @ 2:05 am |

    Thanks for the welcome!!!!! God bless you too

  4. HOTRODDER 08.05.09 @ 10:36 pm |

    I'm in Des Peres It is a county of St.Louis I have wanted a Christian car or bike club for a while or anything with an engine for a way to relate to and reach out to people. I want to do some kind of auto ministry and find othe christian car people in St.Louis and get a chapter going here or something along those lines.

  5. HOTRODDER 08.05.09 @ 5:30 pm |

    Hey Thanks for welcoming me Maybe I will be able to  become a member and see all you guys sometime.

  6. holypoet 06.02.08 @ 10:32 pm |

    Nice ride!

  7. mel-low 05.23.08 @ 12:23 pm |

    thanks fo the welcome! I'm a little slow on checking out my messages. Glad to have found out about the HRC3, in order to fellowship with other Christains across the country.   

  8. BEVANS702 05.20.08 @ 8:43 pm |

    Send Private Message Decided To Share A Bit Of Me With All Of You In My Public Comment Section! By The Way Thanks Again! Peace

  9. darizide 05.17.08 @ 9:38 pm |

    Hey what's up?  Thanks for the comment.  The pictures don't really do the lights justice, but they are alright.  What would you like to know about Millersville?

  10. souledout4gzus 03.31.08 @ 7:05 pm |

    Hey buddy I was just down in your area this weekend cause we are starting a chapter in NC. I was told that you are really in to the Benz. I work at Mercedes, I sell parts. Just thought that you should know....Love From Above.....B.T.