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Skratch's 1995 Talon TSI

1995 Talon TSI

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 1995 Talon TSI   (find similar)

Engine Mods

14b Turbo Swap
Greddy BOV
Greddy intercooler piping
Spearco FMIC
HKS intake
Intake Piping
Manual Boost controller
3" downpipe
3" N1 catback exhaust
Walbro 255 lph hp fuel pump
550cc Injectors

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Sweet Holy Rollerz Decal
Equally sweet Skratch Tuning decal
Product Decals
Carbon Fiber Lip


Boost Guage
Air Fuel Ratio Guage
SPW Guage Pods


SPW Strut Bar, 8" wide rim/tire



Rota 17" torque Rims,


Lame H rated tires from Exclaim

Audio & Video

Sony Head unit
Sony Component Speakers
(removed at the moment are:)
SPL 1600 watt amp
2 10" sony subs

Future Mods

Awards & trophies



My name is CJ Spencer, and Street Racing saved my life. I try to stay away from it now, as it is both dangerous and juvenile, but truth be told, Street Racing led me to a group of guys who became closer than brothers, and they brought me back to church, and back to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If it wasnt for my group of friends who both led me to Jesus and trouble, then all I would have now is a clean record on earth, but nothing in heaven. I dont condone street racing at all, but a truthful testimony about myself will undoubtedly include it as key to my salvation. The lord works in mysterious ways indeed.

I love my car, but I love God more. I try to get to church as often as possible out here in Minneapolis. I was from Wisconsin origionally, but now I'm in school for Music Business Management, someday I hope to be the guy you see at concerts that runs around with a cell phone and a clipboard.

Holyrollerz, I've been gone for a while, distracted by college, but I'm back now!

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  1. TruckerJay 04.12.08 @ 11:52 am |

    Hey CJ, I also live in the Minneapolis area, and looking to make some new local friends. If you ever wanna chat or something, that would be cool.