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Stew's 1969 Ford Mustang Mach1

My Garage
Origanlly a Meadowlark Yellow Mach1 is now a Candy Apple Red with a 351 Windsor an AM/FM 8 Track Player, 4 wheel drum breaks. My car is all original numbers matching. Not many modifications done...trying to keep it 100% original restoration.

Vehicle Make & Model

Candyapple Red 1969 Ford Mustang Mach1   (find similar)

Engine Mods

351 tall-deck Windsor four-barrel carburetor. The 90-degree, 351.863 cubic-inch V8 motor, 16 valves, a compression ratio of 10.7:1. Its bore and stroke are 4 inches by 3.5 inches.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 290 bhp @ 4800 rpm  
Torque: 385 ft/lbs@ 3200 rpm

Weight: 3571 lbs

Quarter Mile


Added rear widow louvers and rear trunk wing




Dual Flowmasters


Magnum 500's front: (15x6)
rear: (15x8)


Front: Bf Goodrich Radial T/A 235 60 15
Rear: Bf Goodrich Radial T/A 245 60 15

Audio & Video

AM/FM 8 track Player
1 dash pad speaker

Future Mods

At some point I would like to add front wheel power disc breaks

Awards & trophies



I was born in Kentucky and at the age of 2 my mother fled with me in fear of my father. (She describes him as physically violent) We lived in Soup Kitchens on a search for safety. We made our way from Kentucky to Pennsylvania were she left me in foster care while she tried to reestablish herself as an independent single mom. She had very little education being a 7th grade dropout made the search for steady work difficult.

The Foster Parents I was left with were an elder couple him being a Pastor during WWII and part time after the war. He was a machine operator by trade.
Through his guidance and her nurturing I began to learn about the Lord.

Being a Foster Home they took in another child who came from a similar background.
He was African American and I am White but at the age of 3 I called him my brother and didnt know for several years that he wasn't.
by the age of 4 he had sexually abused me (it seams like it was everyday but im sure it wasn't)
After a year of this happening I guess he was caught or something ( Im not sure of the details) he was forced to leave the house and placed somewhere else.
By the age of 6 my will was broken even as a young child I kept everything inside and had very little emotion.

When I thought it couldn't get worse I was asked to stay with a new couple for a little bit of time. My trust in people fading even more. Everyone who said they loved me left me and believed that Jesus no longer loved me and that's when my self destruction started.

As it turned out the couple and their 2 sons I was told to live with adopted me in 1981 when I was 6 making me the oldest child.
I was a horrible child with temper out bursts, lying habitually, stealing and no or very little remorse.
BUT they still loved me unconditionally. They involved me in sports and outdoor activities getting me to refocus my anger but not really addressing the issue.
My adoptive Mom and Dad never hit me or really lashed out at me and took me to church every Sunday.
(My adoptive Mom is the Pastor of 3 Churches)

By the age of 20 My depression got worse and my self destruction was worse than ever doing things or stupid stunts that would have killed me just so I could see what happened. I blamed God for everything. Falling away from him caused my inside to grow DARK.

I was very ME oriented and did not give my 2 brothers an opening to get involved in my life. (I REGRET TO THIS DAY)

I got married at the age of 21 never telling my parents. They found out in the paper.
My wife is the one who actually got me out of my shell and has been the one I could always depend on even when I didnt give her a reason.
She has a daughter who at the time was 13 did not get along with me at all.
I joined the Army at the age of 24 and left PA to go to Hawaii.
While in Bosnia my heart was still cold and I volunteered for every dangerous mission that came up. In my mind it was easier to kill someone rather than talk to them.
After my deployment I knew there was something very wrong with my and with the Support of Sandy (WIFE) I started to go to church again. I also went to counseling.
I was raised as a Presbyterian, but in Hawaii we started to go to a Nazarene Church.
With Sandy and Pastor Jack Smith I started to feel more emotions, I was starting to grow again as a Christian. After about 6 months I rededicated my life to the LORD.
I was the Best Man at my Stepdaughters Wedding.
After my life decision to change we have become more of a family than I would have thought possible

This is the first time I have ever told my testimony and I a sure I left something out.

I want to thank Sandy, Melissa and my Mom and Dad for the unending support.
I wouldn't be who I am now without you.

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