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SympleTruth316's 2005 Chrysler 300

2005 chrysler 300 on 24s
  • Hawtness
  • Custom Exhaust by Fully Loaded
  • Two tone interior
  • 2001BMW 325IT
  • Say hi!!!

Vehicle Make & Model

Black/burgandy 2005 Chrysler 300   (find similar)

Engine Mods

custom dirt on the engine cover

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


-Smoked Sidemarkers and Tails
-E&G Grille
-Shaved moldings
-Custom paint job
-Train Horn
-tire compressor


-Custom two tone by Fully Loaded
-Burgandy Suede


-Eibach sport suspension
-Redesigned control arms



24x10 Defy Slivers


275/25/24 Pirelli Pzero Nero Tires

Audio & Video

-JVC kwnx7000bt
-Kicker amp
-3 10" Mobile Spec Subs

Future Mods


Awards & trophies

500 Bibles: Nopi 2005 and 2006 and 2007

2nd Place Import: Maxxed Out Invasion 2004

Best Of Show: Sinister J\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Car Show 2004

1st place 1990+: AAP Annual Car show 2004

1st place: 2004 Lititz Lions Annual Cruise and Show

1st place: 2005 Lititz Lions Annual Cruise and Show

2nd place European: Tuner/Import Wars York, PA August 2007

2nd place european Nopi Nationals: Atlanta, GA September 2007

2nd place domestic annual custom hot whips show: September 2009


ONE16 Mobile


The better part of my life was spent in a great christian home, surrounded by a great church family. Even at the age of 15 I was a counselor at a christian camp. I cant even understand what happened to me after that. But I thank God for the lessons I had to learn the hard way. I moved out when I was 17 and took residence with some local drug dealers. We had 4 dealers living in one apartment. Each of us supplied drugs to a different surrounding city. At 17, who could argue? I made deals with some very large people, made more money than I knew what to do with, and wasted it even faster. I had houses used as fronts to deal out of. Had people working for me out of these houses so no one even knew where they were getting the drugs from. I sat comfortably on that lifestyle for 3 years.

I decided it was time to get more. I moved into lancaster city. Hooked up at a local club scene, made a bunch of new and bigger contacts than I had previously had. I know got into pills, cocaine, acid, mushrooms, and at one point my own little meth lab. I worked at a local traveling entertainment company just to show I had a small income. Even then when I was on the road for them, I stole more money than I made for them. When I was home in lancaster, I was working the club scene until they closed and then hosted parties at the "dream house" I was staying in. It was pretty much a large town house turned into an after hours dance and drug haven.

During my time in lancaster I was involved in numerous shootings, fights, drug deals, robberies, and more. When people couldnt pay for drugs they had used, we would get what we wanted one way or another. Often trading for sexual favors from the girls and forcing the guys to steal what they owed us as we watched them. Through everything that I had put myself through, you would expect some major type of recourse at some point. Well heres my major recourse. I had my nose broken when I was jumped by some dominican drug runners who had made a deal with a guy who was hanging out at my apartment and I just happened to be there. What a life lesson huh? This just taught me more and more that I could get away with what ever I wanted. And each and everyday, i wanted more and more.

Until one summer day in 2001 I decided I wanted to move to florida with a friend of mine who said he had contacts down there. I packed up and we took a bus to florida leaving everything behind as to just dissapear without a trace and start again in a bigger city. We ended up living on the streets because all of his old contacts were either dead or in jail. I slept on beaches, waited in the heart of tampa for usually until 3 in the morning for a car load of girls to come buy and then wed sweet talk our way into a house. I went from money, cars, women, and drugs, to homeless on the streets of tampa. I made friends with a local shop girl who actually told me about a hare krishna temple a couple miles north who help homelss people. I figured hey free food and a place to stay. Who ever thought a krishna temple would bring me back to God. They took me back into town on the weekend nights as they would walk around trying to spread krishna or whatever. Well in the center of town everynight was a man preaching from the bible and carrying a giant cross. I eventually became friends with him and we talked for hours most nights in the streets. He convinced me to suck up myslef and make a call home. Only I didnt call my family. I called my best friend from back in lancaster. Even tho me and him have been through everything in the bad part of my life, he is still my best friend to this day. We are both clean now and have been out of that life for a good while now. I wish I could say he is doing as good as I am but he is still holding back for some reason. Anyway, he contacted my parents who promptly got me a flight back home and have helped me get back on my feet leaving everything from the past behind me. I thank God for everything I went through in my life because it made me that much stronger now. However I dont wish it upon anyone.

No matter what I achieved living the way I did, it doesnt compare to what I have now. All the money in the world cant make up for missing a family. If I had stayed in that lifestyle I most likely would be dead by now. God brought me home though and I now look forward to a long life of happiness without having to look over my shoulder. The rewards of a good christian life are much more fulfilling when you accomplish your goals by hardwork and the grace of God.

He has since given me great opportunities. I tried to set my life straight as soon as I returned home but I still hung around with some of my old friends and still did drugs on occassion. Until one day at work, I found my self overcome by unbearable pain in my stomach. I was tough and not wanting a doctor to find out I had done more drugs the day before than most people have seen in their lives, I called for my mother to come and pick me up and I would sleep it off. Well, eight hours later it was even worse so my parents rushed me into the emergency room. I wasnt there more than 15 minutes and they were talking immediate surgury. I woke up the next morning with a good chunk of my intestines removed and a diagnosis of crohns disease. I spent the next month in the hospital on medication and went through withdrawl without even knowing it. Alot of people look at my life and ask me how I think God loves me through all this? He took me from the hardest most painful part of my life and took the pain of withdrawing from it. Granted I have crohns disease, but I can still function a somewhat normal life and enjoy it everyday. God didnt hint or coincidentally nudge me towards the right path. He picked me up and carried to it.

The following year I went to college at devry university for electronics which is something I was always interested in. I had heard of the holyrollerz before but never really pursued it. I had a name on the website and everything but wasnt that active until one night while I was studying I received an instant message from a girl from the website. We started talking and she started telling me about doctors and what not and it felt very familiar. At the same time we both stated that we had crohns disease. That common link kept me in touch with this person and got me more active on the forums with other people world wide. The same way that God took my old life and made it new, He transformed even more by giving that common ground to lead me to the ministry that I am now a chapter president of. That first conversation was to introduce me to a group of 4 or 5 original members who were loyal to God and each other. We now have thousands of registered people and hundreds of official members world wide bringing glory to God each and every day.

Beyond my love for God and cars, comes my love for my wife. We met at church a couple years ago and are now expecting our first little girl june 24th, 2007. My wife is another blessing from God in so many ways. She is aware of my past and supports me in all things in my life. She is a nurse who shares with me the knowledge I need to keep my life healthy. She is a rock to keep me strong in my faith. She is my other half. Nothing in my life is a coincidence. Everything I have been given is a gift from God.


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Public Comments

  1. gtp2000 02.21.10 @ 5:47 pm |


  2. brian 09.04.09 @ 4:53 pm |

    what's up Keith.  Just thought of you and decided to drop a line.  Hope you're doing well

  3. Jeremiah23pa 01.05.09 @ 10:20 pm |

    Heys!! yeah I know and I miss hanging out with everyone in the club,but im back now!! I dj now at bars and clubs it's fun and I get paid kinda good 50 to 100 a night on fri and sat nights but its every so often and since it is really cold out not that much money is coming in now...Jamie is doing really good she is almost due we have 2 more months and the baby is healthy when they did the 4d ultrasound and everything to check on him,we are naming him Jeremiah micheal bohn jr.,awws that stinks what type of troubles if you dont mind me asking? least you are still going good!! thanks, yeah I cant wait till he is born, I have a new number 717-873-8192 I still have free nights and weekends,and the same aim sn speedslasher21pa...its really nice to hear from you Im bored here in york cause i dont know anyone yet here except for jamie and her family.. well take care

  4. Jeremiah23pa 01.02.09 @ 5:12 am |

    Heys How are things?? and hows your wife and baby doing???? we had to get a new car the saturn didnt take the cold air intake or one of the other things too well the motor blew...and i didnt have the time to fix it and plus the money now cause jamie is pregnant now shes 7months we are having a boy

  5. Jeremiah23pa 11.08.07 @ 6:16 am |

    Yep it is comming along but slow.Okay I sure will talk to bill thanks...

  6. Jeremiah23pa 11.07.07 @ 8:00 pm |

    Things are good we are getting our new wagon done just putted a new windshied in a dn soon gotta get it the glow gauges again,cold air intake,1700 watt system of amp n 2 15's,made it into a short shift,getting the new 3inch muffler on and just ordered a full cat back system and now we are trying to figure out what kind of body kit would fit on this since they dont make saturn sw2 body kits...oh and I have to get a new windshield decal I peeled the old one off the old car but it didnt work so well trying to put it on the new car..but this time we are gonna get a green window banner instead of white..... hows your wife and the little one doing??? are you back in school yet? talk to you later.. Thanks Jeremiah

  7. Jeremiah23pa 10.17.07 @ 4:26 pm |

    Yeah we will most def stop by when we can....

  8. Jeremiah23pa 10.16.07 @ 1:47 pm |

    Guess who's back!! kinda we got a new car its still a stationwagon ;) but this time it is a saturn sw2 with dual over aint much until meaning hooked up..we got cold air intake and that on it...and we still havinm money problems for now until we get a place right now we are back in york now until then cause we have the money saved up now for one...Love the new bmw you are you and your baby and your wife?..we are doing better..just looking for a place for rent now... well hope to take to you soon... maybe you can have the meeting in york so we can go...but talk to you later we got a new cellphone number to then cause my cellphone got stolen along with alot of other things so ill have to give that to you again thanks Jeremiah

  9. brian 08.20.07 @ 11:45 am |

    I must've missed this on the forums. When did you get the BMW?

  10. brian 08.09.07 @ 12:00 pm |

    thank you for being so faithful in commenting on the membership apps. You're the best Keith.