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  1. talonstrike 02.26.09 @ 12:45 am |

    Yeah dude, I have a lot of pics i need to take, we should take some of ours cars together man!

  2. gamer1601 02.05.09 @ 5:43 pm |

    sweet or if you want meet up any where this week I work at Mcdonalds saturday from 7am to 2pm. i work at the one by river crossing blvd on little right next to the starbucks and sonic. or we can do something else.

  3. gamer1601 02.05.09 @ 5:20 pm |

    Hey Roy this is gamer1601 aka Logan if you have anymore questions about the event fell free to text me at 727-505-4588 or you can email me at thanks and dont forget it is on feb 15 at 9:30 am. also dont forget to add me as one of your friends after the event just so you can meet me first the you can decide whether or not you want to add me on.

  4. gamer1601 02.05.09 @ 4:15 pm |

    Hey Roy Coosey this is gamer1601 aka Logan Templeton I just wanted to tell you that if you want meet some of the guys from the orlando chapter next week feb 15 at 930 on sunday you can come. They will be at my church Generations Christian Church 2795 Keystone Road Tarpon Springs 34688. And if you anyone else who might want to meet any of the orlando chapter guys ask them if they want to come. Thanks and God Bless.   

  5. eclipsered2 01.20.09 @ 8:02 pm |

    just curious....y is my eclipse on ur pics??? lol

  6. talonstrike 12.11.08 @ 9:34 pm |

    Yo ROY

    lets get us another member!!!