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TurboKITT's 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • My Stainless Steel Floor Mats, and Carbon Fiber/Stainless Steel Pedals.
  • My AEM Cold Air Intake.
  • Carbon fiber taillights, and clear rear bumper lights.
  • The new fog lights, clear front corner lights, mesh corner vent inserts, and mess grille insert.

Vehicle Make & Model

Titanium 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse   (find similar)

Engine Mods

AEM cold air intake.

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


So far I got me a mesh grill insert. I have recently put on Pilot Blue tinted Fog Lights, carbon fiber tail lights and a Third brake light cover that says eclipse. Pictures coming soon. I have also installed clear front and rear bumper lights, mesh vents insters on the front bumper and carbon fiber tail lights.


Installed a Short Shifter, changed shifter knob to a carbon fiber shifter knob, and put in stainless steel diamond plate floormats all around and put carbon fiber/stainless steel pedal covers in.





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I have been with the Lord most of my life. Its been an up and down battle, but when is life ever easy. Fighting not only spirital battels but finacial battles as well. Somedays wondering why my life was so bad. I wondered and wondered. Knowing that my family has asn heirship, that we have been fighting for in court for years, that would make up very well to do finacially. I was so burdened with know this and having to struggle just to keep the bills paid. It go to the point that i wondered if I should really tithe or just pay my bills. Of course I always tithed and the Lord alwaysed provided, but that kinda left that feeling of know there is more always lingerd, leaving me feel down. Until one day a lady, and dear friend to the family, from my former church gave me something that gave me hope. She gave me a little card about the size of a credit card that had the meaning of my name on it. The card reads Darren, meaning Great Prosperous One, and it also had the last part of Deut. 16:15 on it wich reads ...the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete. Wow what a pick me up. I have been holding on to that and lifting that up in prayer and believing in that verse from that moment. Guess what, the Lord has not only provided, but helped me to find a better job with better pay, and then in that job find an even better position with even better pay. The Lord has blessed me not only finacially but spiritaly as well. He even blessed me with the ability to to finaly get the Eclipse I always wanted. God is good. Just when I thought I was down and out he opened up the doors and lead me into a greater light. I am still holding on for that heirship, but it must be in his will and timing. Untill then I thank God for what he has blessed me with and what he continues to do in not only my life but other peoples lives as well. Praise God.

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