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WarriorOfChrist's 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
  • My reflection in my driver door - thanks to ZAINO
  • Mirrored door thanks to ZAINO
  • Painted on logos
  • Garage K-E-P-T
  • Front lifted with airbags
  • Stanced at night
  • Rear lifted with airbags
  • Rockin' the Holy Rollerz at night
  • ICELED UFO underbody
  • WheelGlow behind the rims
  • Double angel eye headlight
  • ICELED 1ft tube in the door
  • HotWirez on the doors, ICELED UFO underbody, ICELED Trons inside, ICELED 1ft tube in driver door
  • Re-doing front lighting
  • Gutted interior for re-wiring
  • Look Ma' no bumper!
  • Re-running wires for electronics
  • Custom 2-toned 19
  • Custom painted 3 gallon airtank and compressor for the air ride suspension
  • 5 Monitors, Double Din head unit, flip out monitor on top of the dash, rear-view mirror monitor, sun-visor monitors
  • 2-Toned on the underside of the hood
  • Engine Bay
  • Stopped at WalMart in TX, with Brian, to finish taping up for protectiong driving to Missour
  • 1st coat of paint
  • Taping the 2-tone line
  • Ready for painting
  • Stripped down for mods at Fort Hood Paint and Body
  • Sanding at Fort Hood Paint and Body
  • All clean after driving from Alaska
  • Deep cleaning after driving from Alaska - STi pink soap is a MUST lol
  • Effects of driving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Spokane, Washington
  • Almost out of Canada, last stop for gas before hitting the US again!
  • Gas stop at Toad River, Canada - aka Middle-of-Nowhere
  • 1st stop for gas in Canada when leaving Alaska
  • 1st stop for gas when leaving Alaska, about 7am
  • My wife, Heather, and Brian and Kim  at the 2012 Fairbanks Christian Car Show
  • Me at  the 2012 Fairbanks Christian Car Show
  • My Dad, with coffee, and I at the 2012 Fairbanks Christian Car Show
  • My car at the 2012 Fairbanks Christian Car Show
  • Taking a pic with Army vehicles in Alaska
  • Finally made it to Alaska
  • Entering the Alaska Highway
  • Stopping for the night in Canada while driving to Alaska
  • Stopping in Washington while driving to Alaska
  • Stopping in Nevada while driving to Alaska
  • Stopping in Northern California while driving to Alaska
  • Our dog
  • Car show in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in 2009
  • At the Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Car Show in 2009
  • The morning after, at the hotel, 18.5 cosecutive hrs & 42 miles later!
  • Us taking a break @ around 9pm
  • Me on our walking rd trip
  • Heather on our walking rd trip
  • starting out on our rd trip to Georgetown, TX
  • My wife (Heather) and I, a few days before she went to OCS
  • Reverse lights again
  • These are my 3watt LED reverse lights.  They are even brighter in person!
  • This is one of my favorite shots
  • Can you find me in the picture ;o)
  • Here's the Killeen crew together; L-R (W-I-P/Mazda3, 1jesusfreak/Rover, SKIP-A-CAR, y3shua/Ranger, WarriorOfChrist?STi) at our first meet.
  • A better picture of the front, with the ICELED Scanner really showing and the ICELED UFO doing an aqua glow.
  • Here you can see the front end pretty well and you can see the ICELED UFO underbody and barely see the ICELED Scanner in the hood scoop, I also have the HRC3 banner on finally.
  • . . . the side and the paint follows the same line all the way around the car and to the back.
You can also see my rear vinyl with the Warrior Of Christ in English and my Phat Fish Customz logo (my b
  • . . . the paint then curves around the headlights and onto the front bumper and around . . .
  • The paint comes down off the roof, onto the hood. . . 
You can also see my windshield vinyl (Warrior Of Christ - in Hebrew) b4 I got my HRC3 vinyl put on.
  • When I got the paint job I made sure that it went through the jams - much cleaner look this way (and the only way to go)
  • This is how it fits into the center arm rest.  Nice and neat and hidden TOO!
  • The new switches - had to fabricate the top out of the side of a trash can
  • Rear seat with everything out and all the wires just everywhere!
  • Scary picture!  Took 3-4 months of working 1hr here 10min there to finally get it all back together.
  • Takin it ALL out to re-run all the wires for my lights and sound
  • New paint job on the body b4 reinstalling everything
  • New paint job on rear bumper & side skirts b4 reinstalling it
  • New paint job on front bumper b4 reinstalling it
  • Front end - all body parts removed prepping for paint
  • Rear-end with all body parts removed prepping for paint
  • Pic infront of Miracle Paint & Body - where I got my paintjob at, the day I dropped the car off
  • Car Show in Sep07 - got 1st Place Japanese Make
  • No lights right side, in Germany
  • Left no lights in Germany
  • Front no lights in Germany
  • Front Corner, all lights
  • Front all lights
  • Roof lights and door sill lights
  • Old picture of lights behind my house in Germany
  • Rear with lights on
  • HRC3 on the road in Germany
  • The Edelweiss Mountains in Germany
  • The Edelweiss Mountains in Germany
  • The Edelweiss Mountains in Germany
  • 150MPH - the legal way, on the German Autobahn #5
  • Where does the real building begin?
Where does the reflection stop?
Zaino car polish, nothing but the best
  • Pics from Hockenheim, Germany 2006 car show
These Germans were leaving a party (located to the rear of my car) to come and check out my STi, and the cool thing is that I had Holy Hip Hop poundin' th
  • Pics from Hockenheim, Germany 2006 car show
  • Pics from Hockenheim, Germany 2006 car show
  • Pics from Hockenheim, Germany 2006 car show
  • Another HRC3 banner shot, nice - blue on blue!
  • Sweet front night shot, with the wiper blades goin'
  • Proudly reppin' HRC3!!!!!
  • The big end at night.  Blue, oh yeah!
  • My HR banner at night!
  • Front night shot (AKA - my new avatar)

Vehicle Make & Model

2TND-WRB / Porsche Marineblau 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi   (find similar)

Engine Mods

GTSpec Front Strut Tower Bar custom painted in Subaru WRBlue; Tein Hood Dampers custom painted in Subaru WRBlue; oil dipstick, oil cap, fuse box cover, battery tiedown, transmission oil cap, clutch fluid cap custom painted in Subaru WRBlue; Cusco hoses replaced throughout

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 300 bhp   
Torque: 300 ft/lbs

Quarter Mile


I have done a WHOLE lot of lighting mods.
ICELED UFO undercar kit; changed all reverse/turnsignal/stop/hazzard bulbs to LEDs; Blue LEDs for reverse/turnsignal/stop/hazzard/license plate during shows; 10watt reverse lights; 90watt blue Police grade whelen strobes hidden behind the front bumper and rear bumper; blue LEDs around custom painted Hella Supertone horns; blue "eyelids" around taillights; blue "eyelids" around headlights; custom built headlights (Honda S2K HID low-beam projectors/Mercedes E46R HID high-beam; custom painted to match the body; with amber inserts deleted and four CCFL Angel Eyes) by LightWerkz; 100watt custom mounted fog lights; ICELED Scanner (similar to "KIT" from Knight Rider just MUCH MUCH COOLER) inside hood scoop; ICELED Gem inside engine lighting belts; WheelGlow LED kit behind all four wheels. Custom 2-tone paint job - stock Subaru WRBlue with 2009 model Porsche Marineblau Metallic D5Q running from the roof, down to the hood, to the front bumper and then wrapping all the way around the car up onto the trunk with custom logos painted on rear quarter-panels/ custom painted Holy Rollerz on trunk down to driver door/ custom painted ghosted graphics on both front doors; shaved trunk; shaved all four doors; all badges deleted; custom built “secret” lock for driver’s door; Subaru WRX 4Dr GTC front bumper and side skirt (looks like the Chargespeed peanut eye style 1 body kit) from Ultimatemotorx; Subaru WRX 4Dr GTC rear bumper (looks like the Ings+1 body kit) from Ultimatemotorx.


On the inside I changed my center console and all door switches to read out blue by InteriorFlair in TX; my ignition light is now blue; Autogauge Volt and Turbo gauges; the map/dome/glove box/ash tray are all blue; ICELED Tron under dash and seats; a cross drilled into the center console and lit up with blue LEDs; ICELED Tron tubes lighting the trunk; ICELED 1ft tubes mounted in front door pockets; blue LEDs in the center airvents; blue HotWirez around the side airvents/front and rear door panels; deleted the “OH NO” handles and replaced with blue LEDs; all switches for the lighting are hidden inside the arm rest; A, B, and C pillars wrapped in faux black sued; headliner wrapped in faux blue sued; dome light/map light/sunvisors wrapped in faux black sued; WeatherTech custom floor mats.


Airbagit airride suspension with custom painted Subaru WRBlue 3gal airtank and compressor in the trunk and iPhone app.


Injen Cold Air intake; COBB Tuning catback exhaust


TSW Nurburgring 19” custom painted face in Subaru WRBlue and back custom painted in Porsche Marineblau Metallic D5Q
17” BBS (stock with STi) custom painted House of Kolor PBC-65
TSW Thruxton 19" HyperBlack (discontinued)


Custom sized BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW 225/45ZR19 for the TSW Nurburgrings
Toyo Proxes T1R 225/35ZR19 for the TSW Thruxtons

Audio & Video

Kenwood Excellon DNX 9140 H/U w/NAV, Blue Tooth, DVD, iPod, USB - with a front mounted camera linked to it; Eonon flip out monitor top of dash linked to the H/U and a IR back-up camera; Eonon rear-view mirror/monitor linked to the H/U and a standard back-up camera under rear bumper; PS2 under passenger seat; JL 10 W6v2 10" SUB in custom fiberglass box; Rodek components throughout and Rodek amps, color matched to the exterior, running the SUB and components; RedTop battery mounted in trunk to run all A/V and lighting; Viper Autorstart with iPhone app to start anywhere there is ATT&T cellular signal.

Future Mods

2nd ICELED UFO, side-view cameras, automatic trunk open/close, Brombo or Baer big brake kit (6 piston front 4 piston rear) w/slotted or venteddisks and whatever it takes to get 500whp.

Awards & trophies (2006)
* Other Manufacturers - 1st Place
* Best Interior - 2nd place
* MostUnique
Killeen Police Department Annual Car Show
* Japanese Make - 1st place
Fall 2007 Killeen Christian Car Show
* Best Lighting
2008 Father's Day Car Show
* Tuner Import - 1st Place
CT Motorsports Charity Car Show
* Sport Compact Import Mild - 1st Place



Testimony 1
In 2003 I deployed to Iraq with the US Army's 4th Infantry Division where I stayed for 6 months. When I returned my wife, Heather, and I bought my STi as a welcome home present for me. I had been praying for a long time that God would make a way for me to have this car (one of my 3 dream cars - the other two being a '32 Ford Coupe and a '49 Merc). It was totally God that changed my wife's mind about spending the $30,000+ to purchase this car. In her mind it was way too much to spend on any car. Car worked a miracle for me! After purchasing the car the Army sent us to Heidelberg, Germany where we are currently stationed. We have lived there for the past 22 months and are starting to miss the US. It is great to drive on the Autobahn and legally go over 150MPH! The cost for upkeep and Mods in Europe are way too expensive though so I've done everything to my car by myself.
Testimony 2
My wife and I are both On-Fire, Spirit-Filled, Born-Again Christians. We do our best to put Christ first in our marriage and our lives. We have always believed that since God has blessed us then we are to use that to bless those around us. Before we moved to Germany we owned a '94 Civic EX and a '90 Cherokee. When we bought my STi we had three cars. The Army would only pay to ship two to Germany so we had to get rid of the Jeep. A couple in our church was in need of another vehicle and we felt that God was telling us to give the Jeep to them. We obeyed and thought nothing of it.
If God tells you to do something just do it, He has the whole picture in view and knows what needs to be done.
Well each year an organization called the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) asks those associated with the US Military to donate to non-profit organizations. Every year that my wife and I have been in the Army we have donated, giving mainly to Christian organizations, again believing that since God has blessed us then we are to use that to bless those around us. In April of this year my office got a phone call from CFC asking for me. They informed me that they were holding a drawing for those who submitted a donation form. They told me that I won the grand prize, a 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade!!! This drawing was out of every person in the US Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force and Department of Defense Civilian stationed anywhere other than the continental US, and God chose me! Me winning the Jeep isn't the testimony, this is. God told us to give away the Jeep Cherokee, which cost us $2000, when we were moving to Germany so we did. A year after we got to Germany God gave us a Jeep in return for obeying Him, the Liberty that I won is valued at over $20,000!!! God blessed us with a vehicle that is worth more than TEN times what we gave away!
Please use these testimonies as an example that we all need to trust God, we all need to follow Him and when we are told to do something that we must obey God and do it. God Bless.

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Public Comments

  1. hisimage 04.06.13 @ 10:22 pm |

    I love your car! Stands out and delivers God's message!

  2. FREEWAY 03.07.13 @ 10:54 pm |

    hey whats up...nice to finally get a response or message on here...i'm checking you out now...nice ride and you gave me some in VA...where you located?

  3. AutoXSTi 09.24.09 @ 11:38 pm |

    Love the look of the car man.  Keep up the good work and may you continue to Bless God!!!  Call me homie G!!!

  4. brian 06.26.09 @ 11:12 am |

    what's up Aaron?  What's the update since graduation?  Sorry we weren't able to make it.  Are you guys still in GA or in AK now?

  5. MustangChuck 06.16.09 @ 9:27 am |

    Hey man we met across from airborne school a few weeks ago.  Congrats on your commissioning.  Are you gonna be able to get involved with the local chapter?  Hit me up and maybe we can hang out and cruise together or what not.

  6. HansV1973 05.12.09 @ 3:45 pm |

    I really love the message you put out there with your testimony. But weren't you back where you started with three vehicals again, lol. I think if you two have three cars, really you only need two anyway. So why not donate the other car as well, or one of your older ones. There are lots of people who need transportation. Me and my fiance only have two cars, hers she uses for work, and my van we use for everything else, lol. It is my pimped out grocery getter, lol. Well, you two sound very blessed a God bless our troops. It's sad Bush had to start a lot of crap to get you guys over there, some compare it to veitnam, surely not as bad as that, but we all know it wasn't right. It was mainly about money and oil control, for with which we didn't win when you really think about it. Our troops deserve better and our leader at the time was lacking, hope Obama does a better job. We'll see. God bless you and yours.

  7. relientk29 03.04.09 @ 5:12 pm |

    Hey whats up? Thanks for telling me about Holy rollerz ......and congrats on your promotion again !!!!


  8. brian 01.05.09 @ 8:47 pm |

    what's up man?  How are things in TX?  Happy New Year bro.

  9. godprayzer1 12.05.08 @ 11:53 am |

    Simply AMAZING testimony!!! That is so awesome how God blessed you and your wife back over 10 fold for being obedient.  This encourages me to keep giving and continue to have faith for big things my wife and I are believing for.

    Thanks also for your service to our country, I know God blesses you for that too.  Keep representing Christ!  Dave

  10. warrior777 07.30.08 @ 3:01 pm |

    Hey Aron I am Warrior777 good to be here with a fellow warrior I have a 94 Probe se be sure and check out my profile by the way car looks tight bro