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billcannon791's 1984 DatsunNissan 300ZX Fairlady

One of the 50th AE models, turbo.

Vehicle Make & Model

pewter 1984 DatsunNissan 300ZX Fairlady   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Stock with new inter cooler and tubing, T3/t$ stage 3 turbo, BSD spark plug wires, Bosh iridum plugs

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I would like to start by saying, ?you might want to get a box of Kleenex out,? because the testimony you are about to read is pretty powerful. (At least in my heart it is.) I grew up in California in a not very ?Religion-based? family.

My mom and real dad had gotten divorced and my dad moved back to Georgia. My mom remarried, to the man who I now call my DAD. I love the man dearly, but I did not give him much of a chance when I was younger. I moved back to GA. to live with my real dad and grandmother, and try to pick up where we left off before they moved back here.

Well, things were going fine?I started going to church with them, and I had gotten saved and then baptized. Not too long after that, things started to change inside of me. I got to the point that I did not like the people at the church, or even the church itself. From that point on I started being disrespectful to them (the people of the church), to my dad and grandmother, and this went on until I went into the service.

That was when Satan took hold and dragged me deeper into his grip and induced me to drugs and alcohol. I started to abuse them, and that ruined my career in the service I was discharged and sent home.

My drug and alcohol abuse got worse, and I went even deeper into Satan's world with physical abuse to myself. Eventually, I went to jail, and the drug and alcohol abuse stopped, but the physical abuse did not, it kept on for some time. It led me right to where Satan wanted me. SUICIDE?I had said, ?Ok, I'll try?, but it never managed to happen. It was not from a lack of trying, I still carry scars from the years of trying.

This is where my life took another turn. I met the woman who is now my wife of 7 years. I now believe this was GOD?s way of pulling me up from Satan's grip, and showing me that there was more to life than where I was heading. My wife and I went on one date, and we have never been apart since.

Four years after our daughter was born we had a visit from John T. Mathis and Greeley Ashworth. They asked us to come to church? well, we did. I told my wife (Carol) that I would, but not to expect me to go every time the doors were opened.

Then the church started AWANA, and I started getting involved in it. GOD spoke to me while I was helping my daughter and nephew with their Bible verses. GOD told me that I needed to come back to Him. GOD said, ?talk to the pastor? and so I did. On that night, while AWANA was starting, I was asking JESUS to come back into my life. I rededicated my life to Him so that He could do with me as He wishes. That was the night of March 19, 2000. I became a whole person at that moment.

I would like to thank my wife Carol, John T. Mathis, Greeley Ashworth, Greg Gaddis, Holly Kelly, all of the members of the Peavine Baptist Church, and most of all, I wish to thank GOD, and JESUS

Thank you, Lord, for the life you have given me, and for the people you brought into my life to show me how much love is out there for a person. And please, reach out and touch everybody with the powerful love you show for the world. Amen.

Update: Tunning for the Kingdom of God
You have read my Testimony on the Power of God and what he could do for you.
Well between the year 2000 and 2004 I got deeper with my walk with Jesus.
I started thinking it would be nice to have a custom car again, you know all the
wild grafix, mods the whole nine yards. Well that was all well and good but my wife did not think it would suit my life that I have been living ever since March 19, 2000, then one-day I was sitting around and drawing out plans for my car. God?s great and powerful voice spoke to me again
and said do this to your car and glorify me.

I started drawing out the Gospel of Christ and showed it to my wife and she had a fit over it and
So from this point on started Rolling Gospel. This project started in May of 2004 and I also started a putting together a web site called Rolling Ministrys
It?s been a long hard road but I have started getting somewhere with the project.

I started looking for sponsorships, I found this one site and tried my best to get things
Started with company and it was going nowhere, so I asked for prayer from my Sunday school class
And the youth group at the church we go to, I also started to pray hard about to.

Well God spoke again and I listened, and ran a search for car sponsorships and that?s when God put it there in front of me on the computer screen.

It was. Holy so I checked it out and I signed up for the web site as a user and saw they had membership I put in an app. For membership I got my membership on Feb 02,2004 and
I found that that they had sponsorships lined up for their club members I knew then God wanted me here and that they trusted the sponsors that they have listed and I knew this is where God wanted me to be.

I give Thanks To God for showing me the way and The Holy Rollerz for letting me become a
Member of a ministry that will impact many people.

Thanks Holy Rollerz

New Update
New Testimony

Well here I am again, but this time I have a new life and a new beginning thanks to a Gracious, merciful, and loving God.

August 15, 2009 a day that will forever haunt my memories, the day I died and seen heaven and hell both, it all started around 12:00 pm that afternoon. My chest was hurting but nothing out of the usual being I had a back injury from the week before.

It was about 12:15 just before my wife Carol got home from work I was coughing and it got hard to breath and before I knew it I had started blacking out from the pain I was in, by the time Carol got in the house and to me I was to far gone, and did not know anything.

Everything had gone numb I mean no feelings of any kind, and by that time I guess I died and started to pass on into eternity and going home to the Father
To my restful sleep. NOT.

Carol tried to figure out what was going on with me but I was no help to her to her than talking out of my head and not making any since of things I said. Somehow with Gods help she managed to get me to move and do a few things.

Carol got me into the car and rushed me to the ER, and by the time we got there
I was so far gone I felt like all life was gone, I had to be pulled out of the car and put in a wheelchair, I was no help to the people there at the ER.

This is where I left this life and went on to see the other side, both sides that is,
I had done gone and went to Hell, and let me tell you it was HOTT and miserable, there was no relief from the pain and suffering I was going through, I thought I was suppose to go to heaven not hell why was I forsaken and sent here? There was no rest any sympathy nothing.

Now I am in the ER and being taken care of, (this is what I have been told) I at this point went to Heaven I have found peace and rest at last, and knew I would be with the Father and the Son forever, but this too was not to happen to me yet.

The ER Dr�s had got me stable and in a state to be transported to yet another hospital for surgery, still living in between life and death I was being taken to the ER at another hospital where my heart DR is.

When I got there I was rushed into surgery and had two stints out in to take care of two 100% blockages on the backside of my heart.

I woke to a somewhat funny nightmare or daymare I call them, I was with Jesse James from OCC and his team of chopper builders funny huh, this is what happens when the mind goes to long with out air and blood or very little for the most part. When I became fully aware of things I was in MICU with all kinds of tubes and wires hooked up to me (scary) let me tell you what.

From this point I learned that I had no control over my life what so ever, God was the only one who knew for sure what was to happen to us all. If it were not for the love God has for me and all of us I would not be here.

Let us move to 9 weeks later, back in the hospital and two more blockages one at 70% and another at 80% and two more stints put in, this was on the left side of my heart, another time I should have died, but God said NO I have plans for you still.

7 to 9 months later I am having times of blackouts and not remembering things,
come to find out I have been having seizures (not the type that make you shake)
but still seizures just the same from what the Dr�s have said, this now is even more scary than I ever thought.

I now have more meds I must take to help take care of my problems. I now think sometimes that God would have let me come home, but He said NO again I still have big plans for you.

I have been asked many time �Do I wish God had let me go home� part of my wants to tell the YES I DO but in my heart I know what God has said NO I STILL
HAVE PLANS FOR YOU MY CHILD. Man now there�s a strong word �CHILD�
Coming from God Him-self. To be called �MY CHILD�

Well I have said enough I leave you with this one question.
If you died today today are you sure you are going to HEAVEN?
Think about it before you answer it, it is a question to ask your-self.
Am I ready if He calls me home?

God Bless you all


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  1. demon hunter 12.21.09 @ 3:01 pm |

    hey man thanx for the comment and i do have a few Q im only 14 but i want to be part of something bigger than myself and i am a christian and every other krew i rolled with got me into trouble so i found u guys i saw a 93 nissan 240sx se at the hameltan mall a couple days ago and throught i would check u guyd out but back to Q is my age a problem and when i get my car does it have to b decked out

  2. rx7x70 06.19.08 @ 10:12 pm |

    Hey nice job on the 22r. Reminds me so much of my old '84 Celica Supra.

  3. phil 06.11.08 @ 7:21 pm |

    hay bill thanks for the email back i finally signed up tope they take me cant wait to meet everyone god bless

  4. eclipsered2 04.19.08 @ 10:46 pm |

    Well it's great to finally sign up! =] God Bless!

  5. mel-low 03.27.08 @ 9:16 pm |

    Sorry for not resonding sooner, thanks for the welcome. I look forward to chatting with you.

  6. easter4u 02.27.08 @ 6:16 am |

    Thank you for the welcome. I don't mind the complement but your age calculator has me 10 years younger.

  7. littlerolla 02.24.08 @ 8:54 pm |

    thanks for the welcome btw your car is just down right sweeeet!!!

  8. CLINT3US 02.10.08 @ 2:15 pm |


  9. Isaiah 54_17 02.09.08 @ 8:57 pm |

    I appreciate the welcome, I like what you've done with your car, I look forward to the fellowship... the Lord's Peace be with you!

  10. 1jesusfrek 02.04.08 @ 1:29 am |

    Thanks for the comment, I am very excited to be here. You have met a very good friend of mine, Aaron Frazier (WarriorofChrist). We are getting ready to start our own chapter in Killeen, TX and are awaiting the changes it is going to impact on our communittee. Thank you for all the help that you have offered and hopefully we can take you up on that in the near future. God's blessing on you and all you love.