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brian's 2009 Pontiac G8 GT

RIP • Pontiac G8 GT v2.0
now in a junkyard in the sky. New ride at:
  • this sucks...totaled!
  • My Pontiac G8 at Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Pontiac G8 with Lovells lowering springs
  • Pontiac G8 GT in the sunset
  • Pontiac G8 with Breyton wheels
  • a Photoshop mockup before wheels were installed
  • me and my baby, chillin in the park.
  • Pontiac G8 GT black/red interior
  • me preaching at a car show
  • me and my beautiful wife
  • Halloween 2008
  • me at a Decyfer Down concert in Atlanta

Vehicle Make & Model

White 2009 Pontiac G8 GT   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Dyno Tune from Injected Engineering

Engine: L76 6.0L V8
Displacement (cu in / cc): 364 / 5967
Bore & stroke (in / mm): 3.99 x 3.62 / 101.3 x 92
Valvetrain: valve-in-head; 2 valves per cylinder; roller lifters
Compression ratio: 10.4:1

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 314 whp @ 5100 rpm  ---------->
Torque: 330 ft/lbs@ 4500 rpm

Weight: 3900 lbs

Quarter Mile

13.2 sec. @ 103 mph  ---------->


• Badge Delete



Lovells Lowering Springs
BMR Front tower strut bar


• SLP Loudmouth Exhaust
New Era Cold Air Intake


Breyton Race CS
• Front: 19" x 8.5" (30mm offset)
• Rear: 19" x 9.5" (35mm offset)


• 245/40/19 Kumho Ecsta SPT

Audio & Video

• Concept Audio 12" sub
• Concept Audio 525 watt amp

Future Mods

SLP 1-3/4" headers (+30hp)
Underdrive Pulley (+10hp)
Ported Throttle Body (+6-12hp)
Heat Soak Reduction Kit
FAST 102mm Intake Manifold (+14hp)
High-Lift Cams (+54hp)
Magnacharger (+110hp)

Awards & trophies



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Public Comments

  1. knfusion 11.15.14 @ 12:34 pm |

    Are you still in effect? Im new to commerce ga. Looking to get connected. 2004 ser spec v

  2. Jesusfrk14 07.13.14 @ 8:07 pm |

    Thanks for the comment Brother! It's a shame Pontiac went under because the had the best sport cars. My first car was a 1991 Ford Probe! Not the GT though..Gotta love the flip up headlights!

  3. mrlincoln16 06.14.13 @ 11:52 pm |

    hey how are you doing my name is Earl im from baltimore md i would love to start a chapter in maryland if one has not already started im trying to get my life back right and i feel this club can help me. i have been in the car club world for 3 yrs and its time for a change thanks for you time be bless

  4. Ursula_D 06.25.12 @ 4:15 pm |

    Hey Sir, trying to get some information for an appearance in the Atlanta area within the next few weeks. Please email me at

  5. christrollerss 01.03.12 @ 12:13 pm |

    happy new year fellow roller new year more sinners to be saved have a great new year bro and blessing to the holyrollerz club and the ministry that we do

  6. christrollerss 10.09.11 @ 1:17 am |

    bro went to car show tonight got big responce to the rollerz sticker about seven to ten guys want to join holyrollerz all in about 20mins there were might have a chapter here in davenport

  7. Hater Prewf 09.18.11 @ 11:27 pm |

    Hey there el capitone... just thawt I'd let you know kray kuttin is offering a new price on club plaks and pendents... for 2011. All Chrome is $115 and pendants are $40 thawt i'd spread the word and maybe others would be intrested...? I'll be ordering one of each shortly. God bless and have a happy belated bday!

  8. hEARing aid 08.28.11 @ 4:51 pm |

    Happy Birthday Brian . . . Hope you have a blessed one

  9. hambone722 07.26.11 @ 10:35 pm |

    when is the next show and i will drive it out there

  10. hambone722 07.26.11 @ 10:31 pm |

    thanks brother i like that g8 too