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christrollerss's 83 olds cutlass

cutlass sold to help family
1983 olds cutlass supreame
  • addison 3 months old
  • 650 holley double pumper with one inch spacer underneath. sandblasted performer intake manifold
  • 420 hp of detroit muscle just alot cleaner now after paint job
  • new paint lazer blue with white racing stripes on trunk of 83 cutlass
  • 355 sb chevy repaint chevy orange headers redone stock alternator buffed out by dad to look like chrome sweet huh on the cheap cheap repainted pulleys
  • 4inch cowl hood with white stripes
  • my pregnant  wife katy and isabelle at the omaha zoo
  • my daughter isabelle 14 {aka little gearhead}my son nate 12 and last but not least zachary11 dont let the suit fool ya lol
  • home made cowl hood made from z28 cowl scoop from jegs molded to my factory hood. props to my uncle for being a bondo master
  • 83 cutlass inside dirty from getting repainted, have tach,oil water temp and volt gauges going on door pod
  • its dirty now but dont let that fool ya its 420 horses of detroit muscle,headers need coated or painted its got overspray on everything its going to get pampered after the repaint is done
  • new paint on car picture doesnt do it justice looks sweet in the sun
  • tell me what u think of my ride cant wait till holy rollerz sticker gets here to show it off
  • my 4inch cowl hood
  • my boys trying to help dad
  • im getting it ready for paint [07 gm laser blue with white racing stripes  going to try to put pearl crosses in with the stripes

Vehicle Make & Model

laser blue 83 olds cutlass   (find similar)

Engine Mods

355 chevy port and polished heads and intake gear drive, big cam ,headers, turbo 350 trans stage two shift kit tci sat night special 2800 stall coverter posi rear end 373 10 bolt 8.5

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 420 bhp   
Torque: ? ft/lbs
Weight: 3200 lbs

Quarter Mile


4inch cowl hood, new paint 07 laser blue with white racing stripes, front header emblem shaved


bucket seats, center consel out of olds alero,, woodgrain grant steering wheel, b&m shifter, aftermarket gauges,


belltech 2inch drop spindles nitro drop shocks all around lowering springs on rear, monte carlo ss swaybar and quick ratio steering box , jeep solid steering shaft


headman shorty headers 2 and a half pipes to flowmaster 40s


cutlass ss111 stock 14*6 front and 15*8 in the back


cooper cobras

Audio & Video

cd player 6 by 9s/ mtx fronts,jl auto tweeters, infinity tweeters

Future Mods

two 15s in the trunk and maybe some 20inch wheels in back 18s up front want to build it to do autocross, may paint interior black and blue accents same color of my car, speakers in doors tweeters in door pillers 6x9s in back,in doors .have jl audio crossovers ,tweeters 4gauge stinger power wire found in junked out crx in local junkyard all for thirdy bucks god is good

Awards & trophies

two for third place in 2006



i was a alcoholic/drug user divorced i hit rock bottom. but god had a plan for me i didnt know it then but started going to my parents church got involved with the guys that do outreach at the local misson. going there faithfully every weds to hear them talk about the lord then three years ago the outreach pastor at r church said u have a month to prepare a message im like what bro u know what ive done in my life i cant be a pastor. never tell god i cant do something he will prove u wrong. i failed speach class also so i know its god and god only it changed my life for ever ill never be the same again.i met a awsome women at church dated, got married 2yrs ago and have baby on the way in oct. what i think is cool u can have a muscle car and still give god glory and share his love to others at car shows that dont know christ i like holyrollerz because in the quad cites they dont offer what im looking for


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Public Comments

  1. ctwHRCCC 04.27.16 @ 11:02 pm |

    Your Cutlass turned out great! I finally got back onto the site and I'm just catching up. Hope all is well and God Bless!

  2. RamMan02 01.10.12 @ 11:53 pm |

    Hey there christrollerss!! Just getting back to your compliment on my truck!! I appreciate that! :) well here's a 'shorter' story. I bought the truck in Feb. 10 without knowing that the driveshaft was cracked, piston heads seared, and that it was hand built. So I brought it to my mechanic buddies shop and we broke it down together and found all this out. So being that I didn't have any form of a reciept of purchase(it was a cash deal) I was stuck with it. So I ordered an Odessa engine block, bored it out and stuck it in the truck. I also performed surgery on the tranny to clean everything up. It did take time and yes it was a pain, but God have blessed me with an amazing truck that's helped more times then I can count!!! Sorry to make this so long and I couldn't PM you because the ole iPhone isn't cooperating tonight. Well I hope you have a blessed evening. And btw, that's gotta be the best looking and most solid cutlass I have ever seen!!! Awesome job!!! And with the exhaust setup you have, Ill bet it sounds beast!! Catch ya later!!

  3. brian 10.10.11 @ 2:44 pm |

    that's awesome man. let me know what i can do to help

  4. RC2010 08.23.11 @ 8:30 pm |

    More air more power! Do you know where Oskaloosa, IA is at? Just south of Pella.

  5. Kim 08.01.11 @ 8:28 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM! God Bless ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady