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ctwHRCCC's 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe

'50 Ford
This vehicle has been in the family for almost 40 years. It was in original "show" condition until 2000 when the engine threw a rod, and messed up the block. Instead of carrying a toolbox around to fix it up as we go, my dad and I decided to turn it into a Hot Rod. It's been a work in progress since then, but it provides my family with a lot of fun and a reason to go out together.
  • Flaming River collapseable tilt steering column and black leather wrapped banjo style steering wheel.
  • Just of view of the rear end, HOLYROLLERZ on the window, Drag-ons on the plaque, and a Hot Wheels license plate frame....  too much?
  • My boy and I just put on my Christmas gift, American Racing
  • Talk about leg room.  They don't make 'em like this anymore!
  • First time out on the road with the new set of wheels.  No longer a sleeper, now it's a streetrod!
  • Paint is a 1999 Ford Dark Shadow Gray Metallic.  It really shines in the sun...
  • 302 5.0L, Mustang with BBK cold air induction, BBK SSI manifold, Ford Racing Valve Covers, and spark plug wire set.    VROOM!!!!
  • Newspaper Article from the beginning of the Drag-ons club - circa 1955
  • This is the jacket design from my dad's car club ( from the 1950's).
I've resurrected the club, have a handful of members, but most of all, just have fun cruisin' and enjoying our rides.
  • Yes, my daughter is a gearhead too.
  • Me and my boy wrenchin' on the Hot Rod.
  • Lowered, back from when I used to have Air-Ride.

Vehicle Make & Model

Dk Shadow Gray 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe   (find similar)

Engine Mods

BBK SSI Intake Manifold sitting on a Mustang 302 5.0L V8 EFI,

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


The body is stock which makes it a real sleeper. Except the paint, the exterior, and all the stainless trim are all stock.
The paint is Ford Dark Shadow Gray Metallic


Custom interior ('50's themed), Flaming River Steering Column w/banjo wheel, Lokar Shifter. LED's have replaced the incandescent courtesy lights. The dash and instrumentation are all original, and tempermental. The trunk is carpeted to match the interior of the car, inserts in the lid, and a full size spare round out the back end.


Had Air-Ride all around, but removed it due to poor performance. I really had to "fiddle" with the pressure every time I took it out. Replaced front end with an '67 Camaro sub frame, so now I've got rack and pinion, and TRZ adjustable coil-over shocks, Wilwood disc brakes, and still running the original 4:10 rear end with a Ford AOD trans.


Smithy Mufflers with Stainless Steel exhaust, and vintage Ford exhaust tips


15" American Racing Torque Thrust with Hot Wheels center caps have replaced the Stock 15" w/beauty rings and hubcaps


Uniroyal Tigerpaw AWPII P205/75R15

Audio & Video

Sony XPLOD Sound - The name sounds more impressive than it actually sounds....and I could really use some advice to make improvements in this area.

Future Mods

Sound and lighting.
Subs? Amp? Box in the trunk? Not sure where to start or what the vision is yet, but it's on the to-do list.
Painting the dash and the trim panels to match the body paint. (Winter Project)

Awards & trophies

Yes, but more from when it was in original condition. Car's been in the family for over 35 years and started becoming a street rod about 7-8 years ago.
It's received 1 2nd place trophy, but the greatest reward is talking to others who've owned one, or parents had one, and sharing the memories with them.



I hope you have enough space... (lol). I didn't have a real "faith" growing
up. My dad is Catholic, my mom is Ipiscapalian, They were married in a
Methodist church, I have a Jewish godfather, and I was baptized a Lutheran.
All to say that I knew there was a God, but I really didn't know who he
was. In Cub Scouts, part of our oath is (...Duty to God...), so at campouts
and other outings, there was usually a non-denominational service of some
kind. In Boy Scouts, the 12th point of the scout law is (... a scout is
reverent...), and again, participation at outings with a service was
standard fare. The scout leaders I remember were all of high character, and
good morals and ethical values, and as such, I just kind of associated
those traits with what your faith should be. Since I never went to Sunday
school, let alone church, (except for Christmas and Easter and Scout
Sunday), my faith in God and Jesus was taught to me through the scouting
program. I never opened a Bible, though I heard about it a lot, and could
name a couple of books, like "John, Peter, and Paul", but I couldn't tell
you what they wrote. I knew the "traditional" stories from the old
testament, like Adam and Eve, Moses, and Noah, but that's where it ended.
When I married my best friend, who was of Jewish faith, we talked a lot
about our differing views of Jesus, the Bible, and how our children would
be brought up. For some reason, I decided that it would be a good idea to
start going to church. It was obviously a seed planted by God, because I
have no other reason to explain it. We went to a Methodist Church where the
pastor was of the style of talking to you, not at you, and my wife attended
occasionally. I was enjoying learning about faith, and hearing it's
application, but still never opened up the Bible. When my wifes mother
passed away, I had an opportunity to share our grief with the church body
during a time of prayers and concerns. Before I got home, my wife had
received phone calls from people in church, strangers to us, offering
condolences, meals, babysitting, and just about anything else. A
true outpouring of love that I have never witnessed before. My wife was
shocked too, as she never received a single call from anyone at her
synagogue. Time passed, children were getting older, and I would watch, ,my
daughter "dance" in the aisles of the church during our time of worship.
The Lord was truely moving within her. The pastor moved on, we couldn't
connect with the new pastor, so we changed churches, though we stayed with
a Methodist church. Connected with the pastor, who moved on, and again we
were left unable to connect, and certainly not growing in our faith. Our
daughter had some friends in school who had been told that we were
searching for a church home. To make a long story short, we started to
attend Harvest, and finally realized that it was the teaching, not the
pastor who made the difference. I hope you've heard of The Power Team, , they came to another local church, and we
were amazed by their testimony, let alone their feats of strength. A time
came in their program where we were praying, a very similar pray to the one
you have on your web page regarding salvation. As we were bowed in prayer,
we were asked that if we said that prayer, and felt in our hearts a calling
to come to the front of the stage to accept Jesus into our life. I raised
my hand, but did not go up. My daughter however didn't have her head bowed,
and noted my inaction, and when we got home, I was called on it. I had no
explaination, other than I just didn't feel moved to do so, but I told her
I loved God, and Jesus. That night, my Jewish faithed wife and I talked til
the early morning about faith, and that she felt that something was missing
in her life. After all my explaining, the best I could, I drew her a
picture of a canyon. I drew a person on one side, and God on the other, and
told her that the only way to get to God, and be filled was through Jesus,
and I drew a line across the canyon. The next day, our kids wanted to see
the Power Team again, so I reluctantly agreed. The people who gave their
testimony were different, and I was really listening to what God had to say
that night. They set up 2 bricks on end, and basically told the same story
I had told my wife the night before, about how to "get it". And when he
placed the 3rd brick on top of the two standing end on end, it was the same
picture I had drawn for Amy the night before. She looked at me, I looked at
her, and was amazed. That time of the program came again, I raised my hand,
and when called to the stage, I got up, and so did my wife, and together we
both accepted Jesus. We finally understood. Since then, my wife has been
baptized, we joined a home group, and have taken seriously prayer, the
Bible, and our walk in faith. I'm mentoring both our children in their Duty
to God religious awards, and have such a comfort in knowing the Lord. I
share my faith with my employee's, and friends, and am letting the Lord
guide me in the work he wants me to do. I have never been more calm about
my eternal salvation, or in my relationship with the Lord.


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  1. christrollerss 08.19.11 @ 8:04 pm |

    thanks for the comment on my cutlass it should be done real soon ill post the finished product as soon as its done . uve got a nice ride also i like the older cars have a blessed day bro talk soon

  2. lowridercapri 08.05.11 @ 9:55 pm |

    Hi there Brother, Thank you for the comment on my Capri. I love you ride also. I read about the air ride system you had in it. I had an air ride suspension in mine also and as you did I took mine out also. The air ride couldn't keep up with me for I like both drag racing, drifting and car shows. Love your testimony. God Bless you brother.

  3. Keith 08.13.09 @ 8:30 am |

    Great testimony. Thank you for sharing and taking the time with the details.

  4. Ionic 07.10.09 @ 10:30 am |

    thank you :]

  5. joyfulnoise 05.05.09 @ 11:29 pm |

    Now that's a motor

  6. BBWolf 04.26.09 @ 11:50 am |

    Glad to see you made member. Now stop on over to the forums and chat it up some and enjoy the friendship.

  7. Kim 07.10.08 @ 8:58 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and getting to know you.

    Here is a link to the forums:

    If you need anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM.

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    Also, we would love for you to consider applying for membership!

    God Bless

  8. LuvsGod2004 07.09.08 @ 5:31 pm |

    Welcome! If you need anything please let us know! God Bless! ~Kelly~