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darizide's 1999 Honda Civic EX

Luv 4 cars and kitties!
Civic constantly undergoing change for the last 9+ years! 99 Chevy S-10 Pickup!
  • Phat Kumho tires, deep dish chrome rims, loud exhaust, smoked altezza tail lites...
  • All hand spraypainted, inside and & colors!
  • 03.06.2009 - Wedding Date!!!
All clear lenses with blue/white bulbs, custom flame grill...
  • One big twin wing...
  • Laura & Jon
  • Custom box for a bumpin party behind the seats!

Vehicle Make & Model

red/yellow 1999 Honda Civic EX   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Venom Performance Module
performance header and 2.5" pipes
Ractive Muffler
Front Mount Intake
ZEX Nitrous Kit

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile


Lambo Doors
Flip Flop Trunk
Corvette Yellow Paint
Carbon Fiber Tinted Windows
Black Housing Headlites with headlight
eyebrows, pure blue bulbs, & chrome blinkers
Black Housing LED Halo Tail Lights
Custom Hood Half Bra
Chrome Grill w light up skull and green neon
Front & Rear Bumper Spoilers
Yellow Neon underbody lights
Chrome windshield washer lights red LED
Carbon Fiber Side Mirrors
Carbon Fiber Window Ventshades
Carbon Fiber Vortex Generators
Front Bumper Fins
Black Curb Feelers
Many Graphics...too many to list


Yellow Check Engine Light due to high flow cat.
Homie figures glued to front dash
Red Bulldog buckled in the back seat
Homer Simpson Back Pillow
Beads Hanging from Sunroof
Yellow Red & Black Seat Covers
Diamond Plated Floor Mats
SunPro II Tachometer
Fire Extinguisher
Yellow Racing Pedals
Chrome Ractive Shifter & Hand Brake
Dice Suicide Knob
Stobe Lights, Neons, LEDs, & more
Yellow Gauge Housing
Tinted Gauges
Hand Painted Red & Yellow Interior
PA System
Ooga Horn
Whistler Radar Detector
Custom Wood Trunk Floor w trap door


Arospeed Adjustable Coilovers
Skunk2 Camber Kit
Front & Rear Upper Struts



17" SSC Chrome Rims


Faulken Low Profile Tires

Audio & Video

Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS
Sony Xplode deck
Front Tweeters
JL Audio 6" in Front
6x9 Pioneer in Back
Profile Crossover
Shirwood 4 Channel Amp
2 10" Kicker Competition Subs

Future Mods

Awards & trophies

1st place import trophy - Vagabonds Super Cruise



Grew up Hummelstown in an awesome Christian family and have 2 younger sisters. Went to Harrisburg Christian School and then HACC for 2 years. Transferred to Millersville University and graduated with BA in Commercial Art. I've been working over 7 years as a Graphic Designer. I decided to except Christ at a very young age, as I saw something in my parents that I wanted. My walk with Christ was very rough through High School. Got involved in Christian Fellowship Groups in college which kept me out of trouble. After college I got married. She left me after less than a year and the few years after that were very difficult and my life with Christ was stagnant. God has been good and was always there tugging at my heart even when I turned my back. The last couple of years have been a great learning experience about what REAL Christianity is all about. I have had plenty of knowledge of the Bible and have gone to church most of my life, but now realize that it means nothing. God wants my heart and life dedicated to Him. What people need is to be loved by us. They are tired of all the religious garbage. They need to see action, and that is what I am slowly being taught. It is hard, but we are called to love others and help those in need. So God is definitely working in my life, but it is a long difficult process. I praise and thank Him for loving and excepting me, and without Him I am nothing. I am thankful for my new wife Laura as of March 6, 2009 and moved to Mechanicsburg and am attending a great church Living Hope, that is really focused on the gospel!!!!


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Public Comments

  1. Die4Nothin 07.19.10 @ 6:30 pm |

    1-1-Six Clique is all about Romans 1:16   Young and Unashamed Christians Reppin for Christ

  2. Jeremiah23pa 01.05.09 @ 1:08 pm |

    okay thanks alot!! mine is 717-873-9182 when ever i call you it would be mostly weekends cause i have free nights and weekends

  3. Jeremiah23pa 01.05.09 @ 11:25 am |

    Yup np,wow yea we havent going there since we moved from mechanicsburg,thats coolyeah we gota start looking for a closer one too...yup,yeah theres a car scene here they drive the downtown area alot,theres this one with an aswome toyota celica with an body kit lambo doors really nice paint job he has the interior done and everything,and theres alot of people that comes down from maryland alot too that drives the strip and all around downtown alot on fridays and saturdays in the spring/summer....yeah I know I havent talked to him in a long time too and I forget his number cause U got a new cellphone and new cellphone  number so i dont have anyones numbers anymore until i can get them from everyone,lol... okies take care and glad to hear from you again



  4. Jeremiah23pa 01.05.09 @ 10:09 am |

    Hey! Long time no see, The last time i seen you is when I had to dj at the Cameron St Cafe, I moved to York now and Jamie is pregnant it is a boy and he is due in march... How have you been??

  5. skiendog 05.17.08 @ 1:53 pm |

    wow, hot car!!  i absolutely love the lighting you have done!!!  perhaps it's the artist in me, as well.  :)  Im an Ind. Des. major at scad.  i'd love to talk with you about your time at Millersville!! 

  6. rusted_lugnut 05.12.08 @ 2:07 pm |

    Are you bringing your car to NOPI this year?

  7. Jeremiah23pa 12.10.07 @ 7:02 am |

    No Problem anytime,thing are good we are staying up in New Cumberland for alil bit..the car is going along better I got the cold air intake on they didn't have the green one I want or chrome one so I got one that a 67 corvette blue type of color so when I am able to I'm just get the car in that color instead..still looking for a body kit to I found some on Extreme Dimensions and im thinking about just customizing the kit if they don't have one exact fit ..... But we are doing good thanks just bored no one to hang out with anymore all my old friends moved eh..we should be going to the church for the meetings soon someone is thinking about taking us to the meetings... since i don't have the gas for it so hope to chat again soon... talk to you later.. Thanks Jeremiah

  8. shinja 12.09.07 @ 3:08 pm |

    wow praise the LORD .brother sounds like your life is coming together, and that car is sooooo cool nice work! peace shinja

  9. Jeremiah23pa 11.07.07 @ 8:05 pm |

    Hello Jon how are you?? still loving the car!! I haven't seen you in town for awhile you still goto the church in camp hill? well we moved to York now but my sister still lives there right next to that church so next time you are there and we are at her place we will stop by and hang out there with you for the service... well I have a new cellphone number cause my old phone got broke so imma have to give you and Keith that number.. well talk to you later thanks Jeremiah