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fenetix's 1998 Ford Contour SVT

1998 Ford Contour SVT
  • My Daily View
  • Slotted and Cross Drilled Rotors

Vehicle Make & Model

Black 1998 Ford Contour SVT   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Weapon-R Secret Weapon Intake
Pro-M 75MM MAF Sensor
Weapon-R Shorty Headers
TruBendz Cat Back with Magnaflow's
B&M Short Throw Shifter
Dual Mass Dampner
Ford Racing 9MM Plug Wires
XCAL2 Tune by Warmonger
Fidanza Flywheel
DriveShaft Shop Axles

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Weight: 2900 lbs

Quarter Mile

15.2 sec. @ 92 mph


Knaburized Doors
Wings West Touring Wing
Mirko Front Splitter
Custom Stazi Stage 2 Mesh


Gauge Pod housing:
Wideband 02
Oil Pressure Gauges
Custom Pre98 Center Console


Koni Struts and Springs
Energy Suspension Bushings
BAT Sway Bar
OMP Front Strut Brace
Custom Subframe Connectors



17" Konig Unknowns


BF Goodrich KDW2

Audio & Video

Pioneer DEH P6600 Deck
3 10w1v2 in Custom Enclosure
JL 500/1
JL 300/4
4 sets of JL XR570CSi Components
Optima Red Top in trunk
All JL Aduio Wiring, battery connectors, and fuse blocks

Future Mods

Custom secret weapon cold air intake
Venom VCN2000 Nitrous Kit

Awards & trophies





I was rasied being sent to church by my mother. By step father wass both physically, and emotionally abusive, and I didn't know my bioloigical father. I found strength in Pslams 68:5, which reminds me that God is a father to the fatherless. After many prayers that I felt weent unanswered, and realizing that God woulnd't stop the beatings and abuse I took, I turned my back on him. I started blaming him knowing he had the power to help me, but did nothing. When I was 16, I finally got the courage together to find my biological father, and went to live with him. He also was a very emotionally, and physically abusive person, and after 6 months, drove myself from Colorado to NY back home.

I graduated high school at 17, and moved out as quickly as I could. I had finally gotten away from being abused, and I had done it without God! Or so I had thought!

I had moved to Florida, and was looking for a job, and found one that changed my life completely. It wass there that I met, Steve, Wendy and Ruth. These three were all christians, and did nothing but love me from the moment I started working there. I wasn't a good employee, nor a good person in general, and almost lost that job. When I was about to be fired, I broke down!

Feeling for me, and wanting to help, I was given another chance by Steve, who was the manager. I started to turn things around as far as work went, but the rest of my life was still in shambles. I began talking to Steve again about God, and about ahving the light that those three had, something I was missing for a long time.

In the back room, I rededicated my life to Jesus, and have tried my best not to look back. I became very good friends with Steve, we played golf every Tuesday for the longest time, we had weekly bible studies at his home, and me and Wendy started sharing rides to our home church on sundays.

As time went on, I grew to love all three of those co-workers and friends very much. SO much that Steve has become one of my best friends, and his son calls me Uncle Ky Ky. I look at his kids as if they were my own, and know that they are God's greatest blessings for Steve and his wife. I married Wendy on September 28th of 2007. She is a good wife, and I thank God for her everyday. "Pastor Steve" performed the ceremony, just as he had performed out Baptism together 3 years prior!

I can't beleive the plan God had for me. Its amazing how he works. If I didn't have a horrible upbringing, I wouldnt have depended on him to get me through it, even after I turned my back on him. He wanted me to hate that house, and he wanted me to leave there so I could find my true home, here!

I also know that I will be a great Father, cause I had two examples of how not to do it! As Jesus as the center of my life, and of my world, I have no worries, and am very happy to live for Him!


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  1. svt_guy 02.24.11 @ 5:10 pm |

    Great looking SVT... I sold mine years ago and still miss it...