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gods_oracle's 1994 Honda Civic

G-WIP (Gods Work In Progress)
This is my Honda...we car her "Yolanda"...she has come along way i once had a body kit on her but an accident left her partially totalled...but i just couldnt let her i went to the junk yards and got some stoct bumper cover a new door some new rims. So right now she's stock however i intend to bring her bring her back up to fact i will be doing a full custom build on stay theme for the car will be "NBK" Nothing But Kingdom..

Vehicle Make & Model

white 1994 Honda Civic   (find similar)

Engine Mods

well i added a cold air intake im starting to feel the diffrence GSR here i come.....stay tuned

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: N/A   
Torque: N/A ft/lbs

Quarter Mile


none yet


none yet


Lowered 2 inches


spectre systems cold air intake kit




hankook 17"

Audio & Video


Future Mods

ground dynamics or veilside body kit ...custom suspension(undecided) wheels and tires....air suspension...coil overs ....fiberglass custom interior with sound and video...full 1 or 2 staged engine swap..possible 2 seat conversion ..monkey barz rollcage ...alpha white custom paint with chrome flames and angel graphics ..NBK Logo

Awards & trophies


currently looking for sponsorship...


On October 15th 1970 Samuel McCullough became a poet. Years later "Gods Oracle" was born. Samuel has been blessed by God to share the gift of Spoken Word. His testimony speaks of how he suffered a disorder, which was designed to keep him from ever knowing how to speak clearly. From the age of five, God's Oracle was plagued with a stuttering disorder. It was such a problem, that his peers labeled him as "Stuttering Sam", due to the fact that he was unable to carry a sentence of more than three words. However, Samuel loved to read to himself. For this was the only time he did not experience his stuttering disorder.

Samuel/God's Oracle had a plan, if he could only remove the insecurities, which powered his thoughts, then he would be cured. At the age 15, most of the children he knew were outside playing, however Samuel stayed in his room reading the Bible "out loud" to himself. He would practice this every day for 7 months (without fail) until his stuttering no longer existed. Samuel then took his new found ability and became a skilled Rapper.
Samuel was well on his way to recording an album when something happened. The Lord imparted in him the gift of salvation. Samuel decided to turn down the record deal and pursue Gods purpose. RL "Tha Gifted One" a fellow Poet/Deacon at his church, along with his brother/Poet Steven "Tha Real", inspired him to try his hand at Spoken Word. Since then… Samuel he has not looked back. Today, he first gives all the glory to GOD for his mercy and goodness. Secondly, he thanks his two mentors (Steven, his brother and RL “The Gifted 1”, his spoken word mentor and friend), for whom he will always be grateful and loyal to for taking him under their respective wings.

Samuel has performed at several colleges and spoken word events. He was a finalist in "The McDonald's Gospelfest". He has performed at Madison Square, Garden sharing the stage with Aretha Franklin, Cissy Houston, Donnie McClurkin and Vickie Winans. He was a featured artist in 2008 at the Sweet Auburn Fest. He also was featured in the National Gospel Showcase held in the Georgia Dome. He is featured in an upcoming reality T.V. show, and has just been cast as a lead role in an upcoming gospel stageplay. Samuel is still new to the Spoken Word genre. He has professionally been performing for the last 6 years. The Oracle is very selective in regards to when and where he will perform. Samuel states, "I want to make sure that every time I minister through GODS spoken word, that it does what God intends for it to do." He is currently working on a book and CD and DVD entitled…"Tha word made flesh" and M.A.R.T.A. (Makin A Righteous Turn Around) which is a collection of his Holy Spirit inspired poems and jaw dropping Hip Hop. However, don't expect the usual stuff, each poem is a uniquely designed "verbal movie". Its purpose is to heal, set free, deliver, change and inspire. Samuel's future plans is to reach the masses with Gods word so they may learn and know Jesus.

He is currently a member of the World Changers Church in College Park GA, under the teachings of Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar, where he serves on the Drama Team as an Actor, Writer and Spoken Word Minister. Other mentors are, Kerwin & Yolanda Lee, Berean Christian Church in Stone Mountain. Pastors John and Bernita Croslan of Restored Life Bible Church, in Stone Mountain, GA Bishop Eddie L. Long, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Lithonia GA. Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Reverends Floyd and Elaine Flake, Allen Cathedral Queens, NY, and Pastor Darryl Hill and The Powerful Praise Tabernacle in Brooklyn, N.Y. Bishop Al Henry of Endtime Ministries Roosevelt N.Y., and Bishop John H. Boyd of New Greater Bethel Ministries, Queens, NY. Samuel is also a member of Poetry In The Light Organization. This is a widely growing ministry of Poets, Spoken Word Artist(s), Christian Pantomime(s), Praise & Worship Dancers, Musicians, Singers, and Stage Productions. You name it this ministry represents it. Samuel serves as a division manager for the Atlanta Chapter of this organization, under the leadership of Minister Troy "Outspoken" Bunch and Minister Duane Graham Foster " The Blacksheep". Poetry in the Light has many divisions in The Carolinas (North &South), Virginia, and New York. The organization continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He is also a member of the Jazzspel Organization led by fellow poet and musician Robert Fields. Jazzspel is a collective of unique poets, musicians, rappers, singers, mimes. You name it Jazzspels probably got it but trust, each artists brings the anointing and brings heat. Samuel resides in Georgia, by way of NY. He enjoys Any thing about Cars,Auto Racing, Customs Etc...He also enjoys Video Games(Racing Games is his favorites), Fashion and Old Movies. He is a Graphic Artist, and Fashion Photographer with a freelance business. Samuel's greatest joy is spending time at home with his family.


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  1. v-dub-edition 03.15.11 @ 8:35 pm |

    Let me know if you are rolling with anyone to the HRC3 weekend car show.

  2. v-dub-edition 02.16.11 @ 11:06 pm |

    Welcome to HRC3

  3. gods_oracle 02.06.11 @ 3:42 pm |

    Hey guys i have started my journey of my build on the honda so if anyone knows places, products, sponsors,parts...let me also looking for a honda civic bubble back (hatchback in case you dont know)...i dont mind if its stock as long as it is in good condition.....i can spend anywhere from free to 2500. so let me know here or you can email me at Bless.

  4. brian 01.26.11 @ 9:41 pm |

    Hey Samuel, there's a membership application at:

    to send a private message, go to the forums , find the user you want to message, and click the button to PM them.  You can find the PM button under their avatar on any post page, or you can search the memberlist and PM them from their profile

  5. Kim 11.15.10 @ 8:48 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you on the forums. If you need anything, or have a question, Please send me a PM!

    God Bless  ~ Kim Wood - HRC3 First Lady