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gtp2000's 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP


Vehicle Make & Model

Midnight Blue 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP   (find similar)

Engine Mods


Performace Stats Performance Calculator

HP: 230   

Quarter Mile


Fig Grills
AE 20 inch rims/Ling long tire
Prestige Alarm
Billet gas lid
Carbon fiber trimmings


Heads up display
Billet racing pedals
White face guages/aluminum trim
Pioneer stereo
12 Kicker sub/AMP


Wide body suspension from Pontiac GTP Competition Group.




american eagle 20 inch


ling long

Audio & Video


Future Mods

Awards & trophies


The Lord is my sponsor and represenative!


Jesus Christ said in Luke 4:18 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor:He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,to preach deliverance to the captive,and recovering of sight to the blind,to set at liberty them that are bruised.
I Eddie Morales can truly testify that Christ has the power to transform your life in a supernatural manner.I have a very extensive background that would revolve around drug trafficking,drug addiction,prison,alcoholism,corruption,hate,fear,drug associations,kidnapping and everything this world has to offer in a US/Mexico border town.
At the age of 16 i started part taking in a criminal organazation that would be involved in illegal activity.I got the feel on what this world has to offer,but to see that i was only being lead to a path of destruction.I was involved with every criminal activity you can imagine.Smuggling people into the U.S.for large sums of money.Arms trafficking from the United States to Mexico.Marijuana trafficking in great measure through the Rio Grande river.Cocaine smuggling through international bridges to major cities in the United States.The enemy was leading me more and more into the pit of no hope.
Juan 10:10 states the thief comes not,but for to steal,and to kill,and to destroy.
That was exactly what i was seeing in my everyday life.I was a young man seeking for happiness in all the wrong places.I picked up and addiction of cocaine and alcohol to fill the void I felt in what i was looking for.The enemy knew the plans that were ahead of me in JESUS CHRIST.He tried to destroy me by placing me in a drug cartel as part of their group.I felt powerful with all the corruption and influences that came to me.I encountered everything you can imagine strong holds of the enemy destroying my mind spirit and soul!!The enemy tried to kill me and eliminate me from this world,with everything he had.But their was a stronger power in my life working for and fighting for my soul.Christ was moving behind the scenes through prayer from my mother.
For the seed of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ was in me and it was starting to burst .Slowly but surly Almighty GOD was positioning me for a calling in service to my savior.
My testimony in serving the world and organized crime is very extensive and long.Many many episode did I encounter were if it weren't for the hand of the Lord I should of been in a jail cell or 6 feet under ground in a cemetary somewhere in Mexico.
But the ALMIGHTY GOD reached my life.July 17 2005,the Gospel of Christ was brought to me by my brother Isaac,my uncle and a brother in Christ.I SURRENDERS my life to JESUS CHRIST in the main entrance of a Mexican plaza.Christ in that instance put in me his HOLY SPIRIT.In the book of Romans chapter 10 verse 9 states that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus,and shall believe in you heart that GOD has raised him from the dead,You shall BE SAVED.Just a simple confession turned my life around.For Juan 10:10 implies that Christ came so we can have life,and that we might have it more abundantly.This is what i am experiencing since the day i gave my life to CHRIST.
For a change that is EVERLASTING and ETERNAL JESUS CHRIST is the answer.NOT a religion but a way of life, an intimate connection with the SAVIOR.
For GOD changed all my behavior patterns.Destroyed my drug association,broke the chain of addiction,saved me from being locked up.Restored my matrimony,granted me a beautiful family,gave me a new focus .Changed my way of thinking and has commissioned me to say that their is A GOD.Waiting for you with his arms wide open.Revelations 3:20 says Behold,I stand at the door,and knock:if any man hears My voice,and open the door,I will come into him,and will sup with him,and he with Me.
Christ changed my life in a supernatural way!I no longer stand in a dead end for for i have found what I had been looking for all theses years.How Great is our God.
If you are reading this testimony and yet do not know who Christ is and what he can do,I invite you to open you heart and he will come.He will respond a change will occur.For I am not embarassed of the Gospel for it is power,power for salvation.Seek the Kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and all things shall be added!
I share this small portion of my testimony with God love and grace.In Jesus name. AMEN.

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Public Comments

  1. Hater Prewf 05.07.11 @ 12:18 pm |

    Oh and ur Testimony is amazing I applaud you for leaving that lifestyle and giving your heart and soul tto the Lord.

  2. Hater Prewf 05.07.11 @ 12:11 pm |

    Thanks for the welcoming!

  3. HondaSol95 08.12.10 @ 6:36 pm |

    thanks alot man urs is pretty nice too lol mine needs rims bad lol she needs alot of work but thanks for liking my car

  4. Rub N Smoke 08.02.10 @ 11:04 pm |

    Hey Brother, I think soon we may be doing some things as a Club where we may be able to hand out some Bibles and stuff like that. Doug said you are the go to guy for things like that. What do we need to do to get some literature, Bibles, etc., for events. Do we purchase them, does someone donate them? Also how much time do we need to give the distributor to get them for an event? Let me know when you get a chance bud. GOD Bless and De Colores!!

  5. DrivenBlvr88 07.27.10 @ 5:27 pm |

    Thanks bro!  I'm glad to be here!  It's a blessing for sure!  I really like your Grand Prix!  Nice Rims!  God Bless ya and look forward to seeing you on the forums =)

  6. Rub N Smoke 07.10.10 @ 10:06 pm |

    WOW BRO!!! I just read your testimony, you/ it is AMAZING!!! The Lord has shown you the light and Im glad he saved you my Brother!!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

  7. Rub N Smoke 07.10.10 @ 10:02 pm |

    Hey Eddie, shoot me an E-Mail with God Speeds web address. I was looking for it and couldnt find the Houston Chapter. I want to check it out for the date of the show we were talking about. Thanks Bro!!! Peace and GODS LOVE!!!
                                       " De Colores"

  8. DjSelah 05.12.10 @ 3:26 pm |

    My truck was done back in New Mexico. I brought here last year to Jax.

  9. DjSelah 05.12.10 @ 3:24 pm |

    NICE! I'll be looking for you out there, maybe at a show or church event.  My flames where shot a while back in New Mexico.

  10. gtp2000 11.13.08 @ 10:23 am |

    Hollyrollerz you are in my PRAYERS!!