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hEARing aid's 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT

Green Machine 2.0
Trailblazer EXT . . .I want to go in the direction of an off road mod, more so than the typical twenty(pluses) and low profiles.
  • Before and After
  • Green Machine Revisited
  • Knotts Berry Farm 2011
  • Praying for direction !

Vehicle Make & Model

Hunter Green 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT   (find similar)

Engine Mods

Performace Stats Performance Calculator

Quarter Mile






20 Inch Boss Wheels

Pirelli Scorpions


Audio & Video


Kenwood head unit
2 -Boss Crossovers
American Bass DX 15's (4)
2 - Power Acoustix - 4K
4 - 6x9 Kicker DS693
6 - 6.5 Kickers
1 Phantom - 1.2k
2400 watt Battery
Sony - 10 disc CD Changer
3.5 cap

Future Mods

Transmission Rebuild - currently needed.

My plans are to start a restoration project throughout the next couple of years.

Awards & trophies



Primarily raised in a single parent home in Gary, Indiana, I was what you might call excessively introverted. Stayed out of any trouble until my late teens. The Killing Streets (as the streets of G.I. are called) were such that was much more difficult for a young man to endure more so than for a boy. I clicked up with knuckle head after knuckle head, not realizing at the time that everything they did and everyone they crossed was now a problem to and for me as ( guilty by association).To make a incredibly long story short, after seeing so many of those same partners gunned down, undoubtedly God knew I was not too far behind. I was delivered from the streets and placed in the wilderness, to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. Each day that passes, I realize how blessed I am to still be here to praise Him. The lions mouths' were shut, the fire did not burn, and here I stand hard as they come, yet humbled and meek as He made me. Today, I am a true Man Of God, I share Gods word verbally, as well as, by giving the gift of music to all those who may have an "Ear to hear". Gospel rap is my life, from A-1 Swift, to Messenjah . .I got it all, In every sound I listen to I praise God, In every 808 you hear, best believe its bumping Jesus Muzik . . The streets are fertile, I gotta plant seed and not forget where I came from and where I almost ultimately went. . . . This is He . . . much love to all the brothers and sisters in Christ. R


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Public Comments

  1. RC2010 03.14.12 @ 2:19 pm |

    Hey, gimme a holler next time you're headed up in the NObelsville area

  2. brian 12.19.11 @ 8:53 am |

    thanks for notifying me about the error pages. I suspect our server is being overloaded. I've submitted a help ticket to our hosting company.

  3. RC2010 10.14.11 @ 10:22 pm |

    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to ya. Busy with running my youth group. In Indy this weekend @ Shadeland just off 465.

  4. RC2010 08.02.11 @ 12:26 am |

    Good to see someone close to Indy. I'm up in Noblesville, take 69/37N and you'll find it. Let me know of you wanna meet some time to get to know another member or just hang out.

  5. brian 11.09.10 @ 8:28 am |

    Hey Rob, can you forward me that decal guy's contact info?  I'd like to email him our decal spec sheet and let him price it out

  6. codee247 09.20.10 @ 10:12 pm |

    hey i've seen you around a lot...plainfield, avon...those areas and to let you know you are the one who inspired me to check this car club out so thank you a whole lot i cant wait to put on a big window decal for the front and back of my truck...i drive 93 blue ford has a roll bar with lights and two cb antennas trust me you cant miss it lol

  7. Skiendog 08.03.09 @ 10:29 pm |

    great testimony man, glad to have you here!!! 

  8. Kim 07.21.09 @ 9:10 am |

    Welcome to HRC3! We hope you enjoy your time with us! We look forward to seeing you on the forums and getting to know you.If you need anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM. Here is a link to the forums:

    Here are some more helpful links:


    Learn more about HRC3 ministry:

    Also, we would love for you to consider applying for membership!

    God Bless